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Sacred Journeys Your Guide to the World

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Language: English | Format: epub | Size: 103.96 MB |

A guide to 200 sacred, spirit-awakening, and restorative destinations-as well as inspiring quotes, key travel information, and special healing exercises to complete at each location-to start your journey to spiritual wellness.
There's power in places! From Sedona, Lourdes, or even Tulum, this wellness-focused guide will show you the best sites to visit to get in touch with your spiritual side. Find inspiration with quotes from renowned spiritual leaders, enjoy full-color photos to help you prepare your travel wish list, learn more about legendary locations around the world, and start planning your next trip today.

Mourn a lost love-or celebrate a new one-at the Taj Mahal, summon strength from the mountains on Machu Picchu, and uncover the fortitude to make your dreams come true at the Bighorn Medicine Wheel-and much more! Discover the perfect trip for every circumstance, or just travel to unwind and reconnect with yourself. With...

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