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Reports from the Zen Wars

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Reports from the Zen Wars

ISBN: 1619027313 | 2016 | EPUB | 288 Pages | 1 MB

Four decades ago - aged twenty - the author experienced what he calls a "negative satori," a fundamental and irrefutable achievement of understanding, but of a predicament only enlightenment could resolve. This professor, Richard DeMartino, has joined the hammer blows of a singular. Yet over time, the efforts of the world have been made: Toyoshima-san, the meditation Prometheus whose superhuman efforts have been strangled and inspired; the Thief, chief monastery, who stole the world from the face of the world;Hisamatsu, the great lay Zen Master who at age 16 overheard a doctor tell his mother he will be dead in six months, only to awaken the most delighted man in Japan; Bunko, the monk kind to others but ferocious with himself, the daily state of Oneness in meditation left him dissatisfied because of all exertion he could not crush it to pieces and break beyond it.
These are among the sitters for the portraits in the reports of the Zen Wars, Steve Antinoff's attempt to bear witness the Greatest Show on Earth, the price of admission one lotus position.

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