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Reconnect to your Core A practical guide on how to feel good and be happy




Reconnect to your Core A practical guide on how to feel good and be happy
epub | 2.21 MB English | Author :Nibe, Kristian | 2015 | Unknown

Book Description :

Learn how your brain works so you can overcome anxiety and depression and live with confidence and energy.

Many people live their lives unhappy and unfulfilled. They struggle with anxiety, depression, stress, physical pain, low energy, boredom, endless worrying, lack of enthusiasm, and relationship issues.

By combining neuroscience, psychotherapy techniques, and consciousness research, clinical psychologist Kristian S. Nibe explains how our brain automatically suppresses our feelings with anxiety and why this anxiety-mechanism is the main cause of psychological symptoms.

The massive influence this automatic feeling-to-anxiety mechanism has for our happiness and well-being, and how you may overcome this mechanism in order to heal your symptoms and regain your confidence and energy are explained.

By using easy to understand concepts, examples, tools, and techniques you will be able to finally understand how your brain works and how anxiety and stress is created and what you can do to overcome it and start living up to your potential.

This book gives you practical tools and techniques to:

Understand the anxiety-mechanism that causes your symptoms and problems. How your brain works and how it automatically influences you during every moment is explained clearly.

Understand how the unconscious mind works and how it influences your feelings, thoughts, emotional states, habits and decision making.

Understand at all times why you're doing what you're doing. By becoming aware of your decisions and why you make them, you no longer need to second guess and doubt yourself. How the habit of critizicing yourself and your decisions can be let go of is explained.

Understand how you can stop worrying and instead use your mind for constructive thinking. No longer will you need to doubt your ability to deal with problems. No longer will you need to create problems that do not actually exist (except as a worry in your mind).

Learn what anxiety really means (and no, it doesn't mean that you're afraid). The difference between fear and anxiety is explained so that you no longer have to be "anxious about becoming anxious".

Learn how to effectively regulate and reduce your anxiety. An effective anxiety regulating technique you can apply anywhere and anytime is explained step by step.

Learn how to use the power of your feelings to increase your energy. You will learn the power of unconscious feelings and how you can decrease tension and anxiety and increase strenght and vitality by getting comfortable with your feelings.

Learn how to become comfortable in any social setting by learning what social anxiety is and how you can overcome it by understanding how you think about social dynamics and how you're able to regulate anxiety and connecting with your feelings while in the company of others.

Learn how to comfortably relate to and communicate with people in different social settings. This includes learning how to relate with people being a person of integrity.

Learn how the different levels of consciousness affect your state of mind, energy level, and confidence.

Learn the exact steps you can take to find certainty within yourself and how to develop rock solid confidence by reconnecting to your authentic core.

This and much more will be covered in Reconnect to your Core. Get your copy today and start your journey towards strength and energy, and a life free from stress and anxiety.

Category : | Happiness, Happiness Self-Help, Emotional Self Help

Reconnect to your Core A practical guide on how to feel good and be happy :
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