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QlikView Essentials by Chandraish Sinha

English | Jan. 22, 2016 | ISBN: 1784397288 | 166 Pages | AZW3/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 19.48 MB


This guide demonstrates just how easy it is to get started with QlikView and create your own BI application. Featuring an introduction to its core features before exploring how to load data and model it, you'll soon become more confident that you can take full advantage of QlikView's capabilities. You will also learn how to use QVD files with QlikView - and how they offer a simpler way of handling data.

Key Features

Design interactive dashboards using QlikView to share sharp BI insights
Discover how to create effective data models to manage and harness your data with QlikView's ETL functionality
Learn and implement best practices to successfully integrate QlikView within your organization

Book Description

After digging deeper into data handling, as you learn how to use mapping tables and create a master calendar, you'll then find out how to get the most from QlikView's visualization features - vital if you are to use your data insights effectively. From accessible and user friendly dashboards to strategies and best practices for subjecting data to further analysis, you can be confident that you'll be prepared to get the most out of your data with QlikView.

With details on how to finally secure your application and deploy it for a successful integration in your organization, QlikView Essentials underlines exactly why QlikView is becoming more and more popular for businesses that understand the value of data.

What you will learn

Learn the complete QlikView workflow - from loading data, to visualization and analytics
Learn how to Load data from different sources, including QVD files and how to optimize data models for accuracy and precision
Discover solutions to common data modeling problems, so you can respond quickly to changing situations
Create accessible dashboards and quality data visualizations to share insights effectively
Learn how to deploy your BI application for optimal availability

About the Author

Chandraish Sinha is a Business Intelligence enthusiast from Ohio. He brings 17 years of experience in providing cost-effective BI solutions.

He is responsible for many QlikView implementations in various industries, namely financial, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and event management. He currently holds QlikView Designer and QlikView Developer certifications.

He shares his knowledge and passion through his QlikView blog (http://www.learnallbi.com/).

He currently works as an independent BI consultant and helps organizations in implementing BI solutions.

Table of Contents

QlikView Fundamentals
Extract, Transform, and Load
Optimizing Your Data Model
Data Modeling Challenges
Creating Dashboards
Comparative Analysis
Securing Your Application
Application Deployment