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Phil Collins - Face Value (1981) FLAC

  • Začetnik teme Torrent Maniak
  • Datum pokretanja
Torrent Maniak

Torrent Maniak


01. In The Air Tonight Phil Collins (05:37)
02. This Must Be Love Phil Collins (03:57)
03. Behind The Lines Phil Collins (03:56)
04. The Roof Is Leaking Phil Collins (03:17)
05. Droned Phil Collins (02:50)
06. Hand In Hand Phil Collins (05:23)
07. I Missed Again Phil Collins (03:47)
08. You Know What I Mean Phil Collins (02:34)
09. Thunder And Lightning Phil Collins (04:14)
10. I’m Not Moving Phil Collins (02:36)
11. If Leaving Me Is Easy Phil Collins (04:56)
12. Tomorrow Never Knows Phil Collins (04:53)

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