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Partner Workouts - 1st Edition (DK Publishing) (2017)

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Publisher: DK; 01 edition (16 Jan. 2017)
Author: Laura Williams
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0241275326
ISBN-13: 9780241275320
ASIN: B01M4M9K98

Team up, train together, and add variety to your workout with Partner Workouts.

If you struggle to stay motivated when working out, let Partner Workouts guide you back into the game. Discover the benefits of working out with a partner, avoid slacking, and maximise your workout session with over 70 partner exercises. Partner Workouts shows you how to test yourself with stability exercises and resistance training for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of confidence, all using fun and effective partner training.

Enjoy couple workouts and further your progress with 8 week programs that structure exercises into effective, achievable, and challenging fitness plans. Push yourself, motivate your partner, and achieve your goals together.