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Only Paid Android Apps - Week 34 2018

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List Of Apps :-
APP MISC - [Substratum] Risalto Dark v1.8 [Patched].apk
APP MISC - 3D Earth Pro - Weather Forecast, Radar & Alerts UK v1.1.0 [Paid].apk
APP MISC - 3D Parallax Background v1.53 build 85 [Patched].apk
APP MISC - 365Scores Sports Scores Live v5.6.4 [Subscribed].apk
APP MISC - Afterglow Icons Pro v1.2.1 [Patched].apk
APP MISC - AIDA64 v1.53 [Mod Lite] ARM.apk
APP MISC - AIDA64 v1.53 [Mod Lite] x86.apk
APP MISC - AIDA64 v1.53 [Premium].apk
APP MISC - Any.do To-do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner v4.10.1.4 [Premium].apk
APP MISC - Appflix v1.2.2 [Premium].apk
APP MISC - Beelinguapp Learn Languages v2.282 [Premium].apk
APP MISC - BeFunky Photo Editor Pro v6.2.4.apk
APP MISC - BigBlu Substratum Theme v25.0 [Patched] Nougat.apk
APP MISC - BigBlu Substratum Theme v25.0 [Patched] Oreo.apk
APP MISC - BikeComputer Pro v7.9.7 [Patched].apk
APP MISC - Biohazard Substratum Theme v3.2139 [Patched].apk
APP MISC - Bixby Button Remapper v5.00 build 253 [Pro].apk
APP MISC - Blue Iris v2.0.58.apk
APP MISC - Calls Blacklist PRO - Call Blocker v3.2.30 [Patched].apk
APP MISC - Camera Timestamp v3.55 [Patched].apk
APP MISC - Collateral - Create Notifications v5.1-3 [Pro].apk
APP MISC - DevCheck Hardware and System Info v2.27 [Pro].apk
APP MISC - Device Info HW+ v4.13.3 [Patched].apk
APP MISC - Dictionary Pro v9.0 build 903 [Paid].apk
APP MISC - Doninn Audio Cutter v1.10-pro.apk
APP MISC - DoubleTwist Pro music player (FLAC ALAC & Gapless) v3.2.4 build 30021 [Patched].apk
APP MISC - Drawing for Kids and Toddlers. v2.1.0.3.apk
APP MISC - Easy Scanner - Camera to PDF v3.0.7 [Pro].apk
APP MISC - Efectum – Reverse Cam, Slow Motion, Fast Video PRO v1.8.5.apk
APP MISC - Eon Player Pro v4.1 Final [Paid].apk
APP MISC - eWeather HD - weather, hurricanes, alerts, radar v7.7.2 [Paid].apk
APP MISC - FBReader Premium – Book Reader v2.8.13 build 2081324 [Patched] ARM.apk
APP MISC - FBReader Premium – Book Reader v2.8.13 build 2081324 [Patched] ARM64.apk
APP MISC - FBReader Premium – Book Reader v2.8.13 build 2081324 [Patched] x86.apk
APP MISC - FK Kernel Manager v3.4.1 [Patched].apk
APP MISC - Ghosty KWGT - Widgets Premium v1.1.4 [Paid].apk
APP MISC - GPS Status & Toolbox v8.4.177 [Pro].apk
APP MISC - GTasks Todo List & Task List v3.0.1.5 [Pro].apk
APP MISC - Heavens-Above Pro v1.62.apk
APP MISC - HERE WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS v2.0.12443 [Mod].apk
APP MISC - Hourly chime PRO v5.4 [Patched].apk
APP MISC - Intrace Visual Traceroute v1.50 build 250 [Premium].apk
APP MISC - ISS Detector Pro v2.03.23 Pro [Paid].apk
APP MISC - Jasi Patcher v4.3.apk
APP MISC - Just Proxy VPN v1.9.4 [Cracked LiteMod].apk
APP MISC - Just Reminder v2.3.11 [Premium].apk
APP MISC - L Speed (Boost&Battery) [ROOT] v1.5-beta1 [Mod].apk
APP MISC - Learning English with Simpler is easy v2.3 [Premium].apk
APP MISC - LED Blinker Notifications Pro v7.0.3-pro [Paid].apk
APP MISC - Lucky Patcher v7.3.9 [Mod Pixel].apk
APP MISC - Lucky Patcher v7.3.9.apk
APP MISC - Magic Universal ViewFinder v3.2.2.apk
APP MISC - Maps - Navigation & Transit v9.85.1.apk
APP MISC - Mimi 4chan Reader (donate) v5.9.4 [Paid].apk
APP MISC - Minty Icons Pro v0.3.3 [Patched].apk
APP MISC - Mondo Icon Pack v1.0 [Patched].apk
APP MISC - My Lightning Tracker Pro v1.8.16 (Paid).apk
APP MISC - My work shifts PRO v1.81.0.apk
APP MISC - NetGuard - no-root firewall v2.206 [Pro].apk
APP MISC - News Reader Pro v2.6.5 [Paid].apk
APP MISC - NN Launcher - Nice Native Nougat Launcher in 2018 PRIME v4.7.apk
APP MISC - NoteLynX Pro Outliner Mindmap Wiki v5.5.3.apk
APP MISC - Onefootball - Soccer Scores v10.11.0.334 [Mod Debloated].apk
APP MISC - Oxford Dictionary of English & Thesaurus v9.1.363 [Premium].apk
APP MISC - Oxford Dictionary of English & Thesaurus v9.1.363 [Premium]-OBB.rar
APP MISC - Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker App vp5.8.1 [Premium].apk
APP MISC - Photo Lab PRO Picture Editor v3.2.4 [Patched].apk
APP MISC - Piano Chords, Scales, Progression Companion PRO v6.22.823 [Paid].apk
APP MISC - Pixel+ Music Player v4.0.3 [Patched].apk
APP MISC - Podcast Addict v3.54.2 build 1657 [Donate].apk
APP MISC - PowerAudio Pro Music Player v5.5.0 [Paid].apk
APP MISC - Psiphon Pro - The Internet Freedom VPN v199 [Subscribed].apk
APP MISC - Pulsar Music Player Pro v1.8.5 build 131 [Paid].apk
APP MISC - Quizlet v3.24.6 [Plus].apk
APP MISC - RAR for Android Premium v5.60 build 63 Final.apk
APP MISC - Relay for reddit (Pro) v9.0.58 build 359 [Paid].apk
APP MISC - Runtastic PRO Running, Fitness v8.8 [Paid].apk
APP MISC - Sesame Shortcuts v3.1.0-beta1 [Unlocked].apk
APP MISC - Seven - 7 Minute Workout Training Challenge v7.3.8 [Unlocked].apk
APP MISC - SMS Backup & Restore Pro v10.05.212 [Paid].apk
APP MISC - SQLite Editor Master Pro v2.68.apk
APP MISC - SwiftKey Keyboard v7.1.2.21 Final.apk
APP MISC - Ultra GPS Logger v3.148f [Patched].apk
APP MISC - VoiceOver - Record and Do More Premium v6.20.apk
APP MISC - Wicap 2. Sniffer Pro [ROOT] v2.1.1.apk
APP MISC - WINDY wind & weather forecast v5.1.3 [Pro].apk
APP MISC - Z Camera - Photo Editor, Beauty Selfie, Collage v4.24 build 200 [Vip].apk

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