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Model And Texture Stylized Props for Videogames 2018
Video: .MP4, 1920x1080 30 fps | Audio: AAC, 44.1 kHz, 2ch | Duration: 05:24:09
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Size: 6.82 GB

Learn to model and texture stylized game assets from scratch.

What you'll learn

Model and texture video game assets for next gen platforms.

Basic Maya Knowledge
Basic zBrush Knowledge
Basic Substance Painter Knowledge
Access to the software: Maya, zBrush and Substance Painter

Learning 3D in general can be very confusing and time-consuming when doing it by yourself. I want to make the learning process easy for you. We´ll be going through all the tools and concepts of modeling and texturing in very detailed videos.
We will only be working with industry standard software. That way, you´ll be prepared for any professional challenges that may be presented to you.
In this course, we will create a game ready asset from A to Z.
Some of the topics covered on the course are:
Base mesh modeling
Hard Surface Sculpting
UV mapping
Map Baking
This course will not only be useful to new users. Intermediate to advanced students will find content in these lessons very useful too, as we go through the fundamentals of modeling and texturing using powerful modeling techniques and shortcuts.
After finishing this course, you'll have the knowledge required to create your own props of games.
You'll learn tips and shortcuts that will accelerate your workflow and make you understand the fundamentals of 3D modeling and texturing.
I will be available for you through the whole course, feel free to send me a message if you encounter any issue. I will help you solve it and understand why it presented itself.
So please, enroll today.
-Rodrigo Andres:
"What I liked most in this course was the use of baking maps on substance painter, it makes everything easier. The instructor explains very well how to make high detailed props with few polygon counts. I recomend it."

Who this course is for:
Students that have already some 3D knowledge and want to expand their knowledge.
Intermediate artists looking to learn and train their skills in video game asset creation.
Anyone who is passionate about video games and willing to work hard.


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Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security (Exam MS-101)
MP4 | Video: AVC 1920x1080 24fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | Duration: 5h 40m
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Size: 5.78 GB

This course will cover topics from the Microsoft MS-101 exam, which measures a student's ability to accomplish the following technical and administrative tasks: Identify threat vectors; use Secure Score; configure Azure Identity Protection; configure Exchange online protection; implement modern device services; implement Microsoft 365 security and threat management; and manage Microsoft 365 governance and compliance.


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The Complete Creativity Course: Unleash Your Innovation Now!
.MP4 | Video: 1280x720, 30 fps(r) | Audio: AAC, 44100 Hz, 2ch | 11 GB
Duration: 8.5 hours | Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Turn Your Creative Energies On Daily. You Are the Source of Innovation, Creative Writing and New Ideas.

What you'll learn

How to build creative habits
How to cultivate new creative skills
How to nurture a creative outlook on all aspects of life
how to build creativity muscles in all aspects of thinking


An open mind
A willingness to change daily habits
A willingness to fail and create bad ideas
A desire to change thinking habits


The Complete Creativity Course: Unleash Your Innovation Now!

Turn Your Creative Energies On Daily. You Are the Source of Innovation, Creative Writing and New Ideas

Creativity is innate to all human beings. You can quickly build, refine, improve and strengthen your creativity and innovation muscles. Creativity is not something allocated to only a few of life's lottery winners. Instead, it is a habit that can be built by anyone-if they know the process and are willing to do a little work each day.

Creativity and personal develop expert TJ Walker will teach you the simple habits and practices that you can use daily to become your own major source of creativity and innovation in the world. Walker has created more than 140 online personal develop courses, 10 books and numerous other digital and non-digital products over the last 30 years. He shares with you the latest technology solutions to guide you down a creative path in your own life.

Walker is the creator of the SelfieSpeak Programming (SSP) model for changing human behavior and habit acquisition. He will show you how changing your mindset from mere consumer of other people's creations to becoming your own creative force all starts with something as simple as pushing a button on your own cell phone.

Anybody can 10x their creative output quickly, if they follow the techniques taught in this course. You can be a major source of creative ideas for yourself, your career and the world.

If you are ready to start living a more fulfilled and creative life, then please enroll in this creativity course today!

Who this course is for:

Entrepreneurs looking to develop winning inventions
Executives wishing to improve their careers
Writers looking for breakthroughs
Individuals looking to live a more fulfilling life
Consultants want to be more innovative

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Business Idea Factory
.MP4 | Video: 1280x720, 30 fps(r) | Audio: AAC, 44100 Hz, 2ch | 5.88 GB
Duration: 6 hours | Genre: eLearning | Language: English

A World-Class System for Creating Successful Business Ideas

What you'll learn

How to create business ideas




The Business Idea Factory is an effective and easy-to-use system for creating successful business ideas. It is based on 10 years of research into idea-generation techniques used by the world's best scientists, artists, CEOs, entrepreneurs and innovators. The training has plenty of stories and offers bits of wisdom necessary to increase the quantity and quality of ideas that you create multiple times. Once you begin applying strategies described in this training, you will create successful business ideas regularly and make your life more adventurous. You will realize that there are few things that can bring as much joy and success in business as the moment when an excellent idea comes to your head.

Who this course is for:

Anybody who want to create business ideas like world's best entrepreneurs

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Photoshop CC MasterClass: Be a Creative Professional
.MP4 | Video: 1280x720, 30 fps(r) | Audio: AAC, 48000 Hz, 2ch | 9.37 GB
Duration: 12 hours | Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Master Adobe Photoshop for Graphic design, Photography, Photoshop retouching, digital painting & illustration, Animation.

What you'll learn

Learn Photoshop from Scratch to Pro level and add it to your CV.
Your acquired knowledge of Photoshop can be a great skill to start earning money.
Pursuit your graphic designer, Digital Artist, Photographer dream job by mastering Photoshop.
You will learn how to use photoshop tools & techniques in a creative real world applications.
learn photoshop with graphic design & photography theories.
you will learn to select & mask images with different techniques including tough areas like Hair, Smoke..etc.
you will learn how to design precisely in Photoshop using design grids & guides.
Work like a professional in Photoshop mastering all Non- destructive techniques.
Create amazing posters & Artwork that you use for your portfolio.
learn how to retouch images & enhance your own images in a beautiful way.
fix & colorize black & white vintage images.
fix colors, exposure & contrast and take your photography skills to next level.
you will master Typography in Photoshop & create amazing Typography posters.
Create amazing Ads in different formats using only photoshop.
create gifs & animated Ads in photoshop as everything moving toward motion.
Learn how to video edit in Photoshop & add Photoshop effects to your videos.
learn how to Design Trending Visual styles.
Create 3D design in Photoshop.
Create graphics from scratch.
learn digital painting fundamentals.
learn how to master brushes in Photoshop & create your own brushes.
fix & whiten teeth, retouch faces & body flaws.
play with Type: wrap it interlock it with you design elements.
prepare your Artwork for print, web & screen applications.
export different photoshop formats.
learn how to create Animation in 3D world in Photoshop.
Use the Pen & drawing tools like a professional in Photoshop


Any version of Adobe Photoshop, preferably the CC (Creative Cloud) version (Free Trial version will work as well)
No prior knowledge is required either for Photoshop or design in general.


This Photoshop CC MasterClass is simply More than 12 COURSES in One BIG MasterClass!

Covering Almost all Adobe Photoshop's aspects & applications in a detailed, Creative and practical way.

Who is this course for?

Whether you are a BEGINNER or ADVANCED Graphic designer, Photographer, Digital Artist, Art Lover or even someone who is into enhancing your Instagram & Profile pictures. This course is designed for you!

As all Photoshop tools, Skills & Main topics are included in 14 sections, each of them can be a separate course on its own.

& each section is so detailed, with UNIQUE EDITING STYLE for the best explanation & most importantly straight to the point lessons not to waste your valuable time!

What does this course cover?

- Photoshop Essentials and basics.

- Layers & Photoshop's panels.

- Transformation & Perspective tweaking.

- Design & work Precisely in Photoshop.

- Photoshop Brushes & Digital Painting.

- Raster Drawing & Photoshop Vector Drawing.

- Selection & masking in Photoshop.

- Smart Objects.

- Adjustments Layers.

- Image Retouching & Manipulation in Photoshop.

- Typography & Creative Advertising ideas.

- Animated Gifs & Video editing in Photoshop.

- Finalizing & Exporting Files from photoshop.

- 3D design in Photoshop.

* Downloadable Goodies:

This Photoshop Course is jam-packed with ( Artwork project files - Design assets & exercises ) to help you build your portfolio, create stunning Artwork & build those Photoshop Muscles.

You will get to learn photoshop's best practices from day one by doing fun real-world projects then upload them our course's exclusive facebook group to get personalized feedback from me or share your Artwork & get inspired by a group of like-minded students from all over the world.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who is wants to use Photoshop for his career.
Graphic designers, Photographers, Illustrators, digital artists, motion graphic artists.
Creative people who like art as a hobby and want to express their Artistic thoughts and ideas into some real designs & Artwork.

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Critical Business Skills For Success (The Great Courses)
WMV | Video: 640x360 | Audio: WMA, 44.1Khz , 2ch | Duration: 31 hours | Language: English | 25.3 GB

Everyone wants to know: What does it take to reach success in business-the kind of success that lasts? It all comes down to a solid grasp of the fundamentals of business-the same kind that are taught to MBA students in many of the world's most prestigious business schools.

Full Description
Our comprehensive five-part, 60-lecture course, Critical Business Skills for Success, is designed to give you just this kind of integrated, accessible introduction. Bringing together five prestigious and renowned business professors from some of America's top business schools, each of this course's five parts is a detailed look at a particular skill:

finance and accounting,
organizational behavior, and
Here in one place is an authoritative guide to the five essential disciplines that everyone, entry-level employees and CEOs alike, needs to master in order to reap rewards in today's complex marketplace.

In each part, you'll learn about everything from key terms and methodologies to research-backed strategies and case studies involving some of the world's most influential companies.

This kind of well-rounded business education is useful to anyone who works in a company of any size. Whether you're in a leadership position, just starting out, or somewhere in between, these skills will help you understand all of the functions of a business, not just your area of specialty. It's also a great resource to have even if you already have an MBA, as you can return to this course again and again for advice and clarification.

Bringing the MBA experience right to you, Critical Business Skills for Success demystifies the secrets of business and gives you insights that will help you achieve your goals.

Part One: Strategy

Where, and with whom, will your business compete? What will you do, and not do, as a company? How will you create advantages that put you ahead of the competition? You can have the world's greatest product and the most effective marketing for selling that product, but if you don't have an effective strategy underlying your business or organization, a template for how it should run, you'll find it hard to stay on top of the business world.

Why is a crystal-clear strategy an essential piece of the business puzzle? In the words of popular Great Courses Professor Michael A. Roberto of Bryant University, it's because businesses can't do everything. "And so you have to be very clear about how you're going to use your resources in the most efficient way possible, both to serve the customers you intend to serve and to serve them better than anyone else."

Now you can learn straight from an award-winning business instructor the secrets to developing, executing, and managing powerful business strategies with Critical Business Skills: Strategy. Award-winning Professor Roberto's 12 lectures provide you with a research-based framework for understanding how strategy works and how to apply it.

Get Two Angles on Business Strategy

Business strategy is one of the business world's most crucial activities. It's the template for how your organization should run, and comes before anything else. Throughout these lectures, you'll explore strategy from two fundamental angles:

You'll examine the world of business unit strategy, focusing on how particular companies use strategic frameworks to beat their rivals in a particular product market.
You'll also take a step back and explore the concept of corporate strategy, and how multi-business units and diversified companies strategically operate in a variety of product markets.
But most important are the many specific strategies you'll learn how to formulate, wield, and apply to your own unique business situations.

Take On Tomorrow's Business Challenges

Professor Roberto, using his years of experience in the business world and his piercing insights into business strategy, includes in each lecture of Critical Business Skills: Strategy stories of real-world successes (and failures) involving major companies of the past decade, including J.C. Penney, the Walt Disney Company, Target, and AOL Time Warner. An eight-time winner of Bryant University's prestigious Excellence in Teaching Award, he knows how to make this subject, and the research behind it, undeniably captivating and essential for any well-rounded understanding of how great businesses succeed and how poor businesses fail.

Part Two: Operations

Some people think of operations as a specialized aspect of business, usually overshadowed by a focus on corporate strategy and marketing. But without effective operations, which work hand-in-hand with the other core business disciplines, you have no goods or services. In short, you can't deliver on your promise to your customers, your employees, and your shareholders.

Operations Demystified

Professor Goldsby's Critical Business Skills: Operations is your accessible guide to everything you need to understand-and utilize-operations and operations management. In 12 thorough lectures, you'll explore a range of topics related to supply chains and logistics, including inventory management; performance measurement; new trends in, and research on, strategies to enhance agility and sustainability; internal and external resources companies use to mitigate risk and thrive; and much more. And with this course, you'll be able to break through the intimidation of a specialized subject and start using operations to improve the functionality of your organization-wherever you stand in the hierarchy, in any kind of business.

Tying his operational insights to case studies of major national and international companies and corporations, Professor Goldsby makes Critical Business Skills: Operations an invaluable resource and reference for anyone interested in a thorough mastery of business administration.

An expert in Six Sigma techniques and logistics management, he delivers fascinating insights into why operations is the key (and often overlooked) component of success in business, and how it can help your company-whether you're looking to eliminate waste from processes, measure your operational performance more effectively, or ensure that your business strategy covers the supply and demand requirements of your organization.

Part Three: Finance and Accounting

To succeed as a businessperson in today's fast-paced, global marketplace, one of the essential business skills you need to master-whether you're a top-level manager, an investor, or an entrepreneur-is a firm grasp of how finance and accounting work.

Accounting is the language in which organizations communicate their performance. Finance translates this language into smart, savvy business decisions. And no matter how honed your corporate strategy, how intricate your operations, or how ethical your organizational behavior, if you don't know about the business side of money, you cannot dream of building or growing a business. Knowing the fundamentals of finance and accounting-key terms, concepts, methodologies, real-world examples, and applications-is knowledge that can make all the difference in making wise decisions, whether you're looking to raise capital for a bold new venture, value once-in-a-lifetime stocks, or build a better investment portfolio.

These 12 informative lectures make a seemingly intimidating topic accessible to learners from all backgrounds, and will help you hone the critical skills you need to finally master the fundamentals of business. With the guidance of award-winning Professor Eric Sussman, a senior lecturer in accounting at the University of California, Los Angeles, as well as a licensed CPA and business consultant, you'll soon discover the confidence to understand, interpret, and learn from the vital financial data in your professional and personal life.

Part Four: Organizational Behavior

You have your product, you've developed your business plan for selling that product, and you've spent invaluable time and money securing the top talent to help you reach your goals. It's all smooth sailing from here, right?

Unfortunately, it turns out that some of the costliest mistakes within an organization stem from a critical misunderstanding of how organizations work, and how to operate effectively within them. If you don't have a workforce that's operating smoothly to accomplish your organizational goals, there's no way you'll succeed in business.

Why are some leaders more effective than others?
What makes a team or department so productive?
Why are some initiatives received enthusiastically, and others met with apathy?
Questions like these are at the heart of organizational behavior, a field that contains powerful strategies and best practices that everyone in the business world should learn. Professor Clinton O. Longenecker, an award-winning business instructor from The University of Toledo and an active business management coach, has created Critical Business Skills: Organizational Behavior to answer these questions and more. Whether you're the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or an entry-level employee looking to climb the ranks, in these 12 engaging lectures, you'll expand your understanding of business by exploring the key psychosocial and behavioral issues that impact our ability, as employees and leaders, to get work done. Tapping into the science of human behavior, along with numerous case studies and research from Professor Longenecker's professional experience, you'll come away from these lectures with refined skills and an essential list of tools, tips, and techniques for putting yourself in a position to succeed.

Professor Longenecker delivers powerful lectures that explore in depth what he calls "power factors" that can help you achieve better results for your organization.

Effective leadership: Effective leaders can impact innovation and creativity, productivity and efficiency, workplace motivation and job satisfaction, and other important performance variables.
Emotional intelligence: By recognizing your own emotions and those of others, you can better cultivate productive relationships in the workplace.
Teamwork and cooperation: Failing to leverage cooperation in a business setting is essentially a failure to utilize a source of competitive advantage.
Power and influence: Where does authority come from? What are the common mistakes people in authority positions make?
With Professor Longenecker, named by The Economist as one of the top 15 business professors in the world, you're getting critical business school insights from a master of the subject.

Part Five: Marketing

Here's a surprising truth about business: The best product doesn't always win. It takes more than just a great idea or a clear-cut strategy to succeed in business; you have to know how to sell that idea to consumers, each with their own tastes and values.

True marketing, according to consumer psychologist and award-winning professor Ryan Hamilton of Emory University, is a methodology; a series of skills that should be applied to every stage of business, from initial conception to product development to brand management. In his words, it's "what turns something with the potential for creating value into something that actually creates value for the customer-and the company for selling it." And it all revolves around being able to answer three fundamental questions:

Who are my customers?
What do they value?
How can I give them what they value better than competitors?
Regardless of your professional role in an organization knowing the ins and outs of marketing is a surefire way to help your company create value, both for itself and for its customers.

In Critical Business Skills: Marketing, part of our comprehensive series on the five essential skills in business, Professor Hamilton has crafted an informative, accessible lecture series that introduces you to the fundamentals, the concepts, the tools, and the applications of effective marketing. Filled with intriguing case studies, expert insights, and helpful strategies, these twelve lectures are crucial for anyone looking to market a product or idea, develop lasting relationships with customers, and strengthen their business savvy.

Acclaimed by Emory University M.B.A. students for his award-winning teaching skills, Professor Hamilton makes the field of marketing fascinating and relevant to all audiences. At the end of this course, he leaves you with a packed toolbox of practical marketing tools for everything from expanding your business to diagnosing weak sales to building more effective relationships with your customers.

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Intro to Retouching in Photoshop
Duration: 8.75 HOURS | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 48kHz, 2 Ch | 11.2 GB
27 Video Tutorials | 21 Sample Images | Included PSD | Level: EASY
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn how to remove minor skin blemishes, smooth out skin tones, fix distracting backgrounds, clean up and shape hair, dodge and burn, and nail the perfect exposure in any portrait - all while enhancing the subject's natural features and beauty.

Keep it Natural.

What is Retouching?
Retouching is a subtle and delicate process. Help people look their very best in any photo by enhancing their natural beauty and by removing distractions. We show you everything you need to know to make your subjects look great and with realistic results.

Tools & Techniques
We walk you through every tool and technique you'll need to master the art of retouching in Photoshop. Smooth skin with the Brush Tool, remove distractions with the Spot Healing Brush Tool, fix exposure with the Adobe Camera RAW filter, and blend it all together with Layer Masks, Clipping Masks, and Adjustment Layers.

Clean Up Backgrounds
A messy background can be one of the most distracting elements in a photo. We show you how to remove distracting objects and smooth out colors so that the viewer's eyes stay locked on the subject.

Retouching People
People are by far the most challenging thing to work with in Photoshop. From skin texture to hair, there are countless features that are delicate and need to be treated carefully to avoid an unnatural, 'Photoshopped' look. We show you proper methods to smooth skin, enhance features, and highlight a subject's natural beauty.

Smooth Skin Tones
We all deal with skin blemishes on a daily basis. Whether it's a surprise pimple, skin redness, or some unwieldy hairs, we'll show you how to remove and reduce distractions so the best parts stand out.

Fix Exposure
Most techniques in retouching come down to light and shadow. Where do the highlights and shadows fall? Are there any areas that are too bright, too dark, or missing detail? We show you how to smooth out light transitions so that a subject's face, hair, and features for a perfect exposure.

Professional Results
Retouching is in high demand. From billboards to magazine covers, client headshots to creative portraits, the skills you learn in this tutorial can help you achieve your image-making goals. Learn a professional workflow that will help you to work faster and smarter, so you can create the photos you, your clients, and subjects will love.

Dodging & Burning
If you have a portrait that's feeling a little flat, dodging and burning can help! Add shape, structure, and definition to any photo by enhancing the highlights and shadows in Photoshop.

Clean Up & Shape Hair
Whether you're dealing with some stray flyaway hairs or a righteous bout of bedhead, we show you how to cleanup hair, add volume, and enhance textures. Learn how to give hair the perfect, shape, color, and definition in Photoshop.

Picture Perfect Eyes, Hair & Skin

Complete Portrait Retouch
We take you through an entire portrait retouch, from beginning to end. See how a professional retoucher plans their edit, works non-destructively, and solves a wide-variety of common problems that pop up during post-production.

Remove Blemishes
As retouchers, we should always aim for subtle changes that reduce distractions while respecting the unique features of the subject. Aaron shares his personal philosophy and professional experiences, discussing what temporary features to reduce or remove, and what permanent features to enhance and highlight.

Clothing & Wardrobe
Hair and skin maybe be the most difficult areas to retouch, but clothing is no walk in the park. Often full of loose strands, awkward folds, and unwanted wrinkles, wardrobe retouching is full of its own unique challenges. Learn how to smooth out clothing, remove distracting elements, and even recreate clothing and fabric from scratch.


Fix Common Problems
We teach you how to overcome a variety of problems that can pop up during an edit. From removing an excessive amount of hair in a subject's face to removing lights and glare from eye glasses, we'll show you some powerful tricks to get you through.

Natural Beauty
When it comes to retouching in Photoshop, less is more. Learn how to make subtle changes that won't result in a person looking like they're made of plastic. Remove distractions and enhance a subject's natural beauty.

Enhance Eyes
Eyes are arguably the most important feature in any portrait-so much so that you can sometimes only retouch the eyes and still see a massive improvement in the photo. We show you how to analyze light as it hits the eye, enhance the highlights and shadows using professional makeup techniques, and add details and color to help eyes pop off the page (or screen).


Skills for any Skin Type
Whether the subject has a few extra wrinkles due to age and wisdom, or they have the minor pimples and skin redness that we all deal with, we show you techniques for skin types of all kinds. Learn what blemishes to remove, what features should stay, and how to precisely blend your edits for a natural look.

Skin Texture Action
Preserving natural skin texture can be one of the most challenging parts of retouching people. Fortunately, we make that process a whole lot easier with a custom Photoshop action that allows you to separate skin texture and place it over any edits you make.

Smooth Skin
We all deal with skin blemishes on a daily basis. Whether it's a surprise pimple, skin redness, or some unwieldy hairs, we'll show you how to remove and reduce distractions so the best parts stand out.


Color Correction
Unnatural skin tones can ruin an otherwise great photo. Before any stylistic coloring, it's important to get skin looking as natural as possible. Whether the camera's white balance was off, or there was a color cast from lights in the environment, you'll learn how to get skin tones back to normal in any situation.

Lightroom & Adobe Camera RAW
Photoshop might be our home base, but Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW are powerful tools that can be very helpful throughout the retouching process. We break down some useful features in Lightroom that can help get your edits started on the right foot. Then we break down how to use Adobe Camera RAW to get the most out of your RAW files.

Exposure Blending
Sometimes it takes multiple images to nail the perfect exposure. We show you how to blend multiple images together and even create alternate exposures using the Adobe Camera RAW filter in Photoshop.


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Guitar Fast Track: Learn Songs and Master The Fundamentals
.MP4 | Video: 1280x720, 30 fps(r) | Audio: AAC, 48000 Hz, 2ch | 6.12 GB
Duration: 5 hours | Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Quickly build your guitar technique and expand your song repertoire with a comprehensive step-by-step learning system.

What you'll learn

Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes
Amazing Grace
Ode To Joy by Beethoven
Counting and Rhythms
Open Chords
Strumming and Patterns
Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley
Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles
Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
Bad Blood by Taylor Swift
Advanced Strumming


Have access to an acoustic or electric guitar and a guitar pick.


Expert guitar instructor Andrew Pelletier transforms beginner and intermediate guitar students into confident guitar players.

Students who take this course will have mastery over finger dexterity, alternate picking, open guitar chords, strumming, rhythm, and a huge repertoire of iconic songs spanning a variety of genres and eras.

Andrew's step-by-step approach makes the lessons easy to follow and ensures that you're constantly building on what you've learned so that you progress at an extremely fast rate.

Absolute beginner guitar players and welcome, as well as intermediate players who need a set directions and course of action. Completing this course will also unlock your ability to learn thousands of others songs that are made up of the chords and techniques taught by Andrew.

Build the right foundation for yourself and get the results you want quickly! Enroll now and get started on your journey of guitar mastery!

Who this course is for:

Beginner Guitarists looking to expand their repertoire of songs and master fundamental chords used in thousands of songs!

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Portrait Photography Bootcamp
Duration: 13h 46m | Video: h264 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 48kHz 2Ch | 7.9 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn To Take Stunning Portraits.

Humans are social creatures. We love to reflect on ourselves and the people we cherish, and we like to have that ability whenever we please. Portrait photography is an excellent skill to cultivate for anyone with a camera - whether you're simply taking better photos of your family or want to build out your business's portrait portfolio.

Lindsay will walk you through everything you need to know to take great portraits.

You'll learn about:

Camera selection, settings, and accessories
Lighting and lenses
Posing and directing men, women, full-figured subjects, and groups
Portrait Photography Bootcamp will start at the very beginning and help you establish a foundation for all styles of portrait photography. You'll learn about the essential elements of a good portrait; lighting, posing and expression. Then you'll learn how to work with what you've got, with instruction on shooting with window, natural, indoor, and studio lights.


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Using drama as therapy for depression relief and recovery
$104.99 | Created by Chris Bankes Sivewright | Last updated 10/2019
Duration: 6.5 hours | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44 KHz, 2 Ch | 7.9 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub | 25 lectures

What you'll learn

Recognise signs of depression and be able to evade it

Know how to help others avoid depression

How depression is linked to decluttering (clutter)

The clutter-depression-anxiety cycle

How cinema visits reduce depression

The importance of decluttering your mind

How the performing arts benefit mental health

How theatre/cinema reduces stress: stress and stroke risk

Depression and stroke risk


Self awareness. By participating, you gain. If you don't then this course offers little...
Patience! I ask questions and I hope you will have a go at answering.
Time. To do this course properly will take longer than just the playing time
Access to a pen and paper to take notes/jot down ideas
At least Beginner's level English
An interest in films/theatre. There are many examples in this course


In Cinema, Theatre and Depression, many students enrolled but some felt there needed to be more involvement, more chances to carry out exercises, make comments etc.
I listen to what people say!
This course has activities to do at the end of lectures and you are asked to post comments in the Q/A section. The more students become involved, the better the course.
This course provides YOU with the material to learn, explore, discuss and then overcome depression.
The medium that is used is Cinema and Theatre
Please participate if you do enrol! You will gain so much more if you do the homework!
Decluttering workbook added July 2019
Chapter 1: Combat Depression with Decluttering
Chapter 2: The Clutter-Depression-Anxiety Cycle: How to Stop It
Chapter 3: Clutter & Depression are linked
Chapter 4: The Video Chapter
Chapter 5: Is Decluttering the Secret to Less Stress and Better Mental Health?
Chapter 6:Remove Clutter to Reduce Stress (+ 5-Step Decluttering System)
Chapter 7: The importance of decluttering your space and mind
Chapter 8: Marie Kondo - does tidiness really equal a clean mind?
Chapter 9: Why Decluttering Is Good for Your Health
Chapter 10 :How decluttering your space could make you healthier and happier
Chapter 11: Decluttering - Is it Therapy?
Chapter 12: When Is Decluttering Too Much?

Who this course is for:

People who like cinema
People who like theatre
People who want to help others avoid depression
People who want to escape depression

Ideally Cinema and Depression course 1 has already been taken
People who need to declutter!

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