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O&O Defrag Professional Edition 21

O&O Defrag Professional Edition 21.0.1115 + Serial Key

Increase performance, decrease costs!
Don't let a slow computer spoil your work or fun! Whenever it saves data, Windows scatters file fragments all over the hard disk and this slows down access times considerably. When you defragment, the files that Windows splits up when saving documents across the hard disk are logically put back together again so that files can be quickly recognized and found by the read and write heads inside your hardware. Speed increases of up to 100% are not uncommon, and your hardware suffers much less wear and tear. Let O&O Defrag 20 Pro optimize your hard disks and you will get more speed while saving money on your hardware.

NEW: O&O DiskStat
O&O DiskStat provides you with an overall view of just how your hard disk is being used. It lets you track down those files and folders that are taking up too much space on your hard disk, and causing your computer to slow down. You can sort by category, file type, view them in Explorer and export them as a table. A further major function to speed up your systems.

New Design
For version 20 we have gifted O&O Defrag a brand new design to recognize 20 years of maximum performance for our customers.

Brand new user interface
We have revamped the entire GUI structure to make using O&O Defrag even easier and quicker for you.

Improved optimization of SSDs
File systems on SSDs fragment heavily. As well as regular TRIM optimizations, O&O Defrag 20 also improves the structure of the SSD
file systems by optimizing the most fragmented files to increase performance and life expectancy.

- Disable internet connection.
- Insert serial.
- Enable internet connection.

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