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MI40 Complete Workout Program by Ben Pakulski


MI40 Complete Workout Program by Ben Pakulski l 2.28 GB

This is a great workout program that is a brand new release (First week of December 2011). It is a very thorough program and I have included two bonus packs with it; the launch bonus pack "21 days to bigger arms" and the Meal Plan add on pack.

What is Ben Pakulski MI40?

The MI40 it's a unique, bright complex, and a technical muscle building system which is developed by using powerful techniques and methods, it is also known as the Mass Intentions 40, is a 40 day program that has 40 minutes exercises that have strategically chosen 40 second sets. The MI40 which means the Mass Intention creates tension in the muscles, as well as the creation of muscle mass.

The number 40 represent the number of days in the program (40 days), the time in the set (40 seconds), rest between the sets (40 seconds) and the number of exercises that are used in the building of muscle mass.

The 40 day program has been approved because it is the most favorable amount of time in order for the body to adapt to the new training. The 40 seconds are best for the time under tension in order to elicit the muscular hypertrophy. For the 40 seconds rest it's because it's the ideal amount of time so as to permit your CP and ATP Glycolytic energy channels to recuperate.

Reasons to follow this program :

1)it isnt your typical "generic" program/dvd (i wouldnt even call it a program actually!)

2)Ben tells you a logical reason for EVERYTHING, unlike most dvd's/training video series guys just tell you generic answers without any logical/scientific reason

3)It comes with a greens/detox/training execution/diet plans for various bodyweights/fat loss techniques that 99 percent of trainees won't/never realize/supplement guide, on what you really need to optimize your goals......The detox/exercise execution/supplement guide will change your life/physque, if Carrnage learned alot from this, it's a must buy! (also with a exercise execution videos aswell!) (fat loss videos too!)

4)I feel like a new man.....literally

5)Nothing "generic" about it, whats generic? Generic are typically man made-though of programs without actually any scientific reason, sorry if I made these generic programs sound bad, BECAUSE THEY ARNT!! They are great for your typical beginner, they work, period. In Ben's mi40 training he throws in a technique called nos with is "Neurological Overload Set", drop sets/negatives to complete muscular exhaustion. He has a logical explanation for it aswell, made me a believer, I use to be alot like most of ya, thinking training to extreme failure was too hard on the CNS but once you learn more on how the body functions, its nothing but constant muscle growth.


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