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MP3 Mercyful Fate – Discography

Mercyful Fate – Discography (1983 - 1999)

Mercyful Fate is a band heavy metal Danish, formed in Copenhagen by vocalist King Diamond and the guitarist Hank Shermann in 1981. Influenced by progressive rock and hard rock, and lyrics dealing with topics such as the occult and Satan, Mercyful Fate were part of the first wave of black metal in the mid-1980’s. Many of the bands of this movement came to influence later groups of black metal, especially in Norway. Since its formation, Mercyful Fate has released seven Studio albums, two EPS and four compilations.

After several changes of formation and edit various models independently, they released their self-titled EP in 1982, recorded by Michael Denner (guitar), Timi Hansen (bass), Kim Ruzz (drums), King Diamond and Shermann. This line-up recorded the first two studio albums (Melissa in 1983 and Don’t Break the Oath in 1984), before separating in 1985 due to musical differences. In 1993, four of those five members gathered to record In the Shadows, published that same year. During the 1990s, Mercyful Fate released four other albums, and underwent several changes in its formation. Since 1999 the band is on a hiatus, although its members have met several times in the 2000s.


King Diamond
Mike Wead
Hank Shermann
Sharlee D’Angelo
Bjarne T. Holm
Carsten Van Der Volsing
Jan Lindblad
Timi Hansen
Nick Smith
Kim Ruzz
Benny Petersen
Michael Denner
Morten Nielsen
Snowy Shaw

Artist: Mercyful Fate
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1983 – Melissa
1984 – Don’t Break The Oath
1993 – In the Shadows
1994 – Time
1996 – Into The Unknown
1998 – Dead Again
1999 – 9