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MP3 Men I Trust – Discography


Genre: Trip-Hop, Downtempo, Deep House music
Date: 2014-2016
Codec: MP3 tracks
Quality: 320 kbps
Playtime: 01:09:08

Québec’s Men I Trust are proving themselves to be quite the prolific ones. Headroom is their second album in as many years, and goodness knows we loved their self-titled debut, our 7th-favourite of 2014.
We already knew Headroom was probably going to be great. Lead single “Break for Lovers” was incredibly smooth and sultry, featuring an immaculate performance by guest vocalist Helena. Similar to their first record, there’s a whole lot of variety on Headroom, ranging from electronic trip-hop to ice-cold funk, sinister instrumental pop to melancholy electro ballads – there’s even a choral finale. As usual, there’s a degree of precision and professionalism in this production that’s unbelievable for a band that’s still pretty underground. It’s only a matter of time before Men I Trust leave their mark on the world. In the meantime, consider yourself in the know.

Albums :

2014 – Men I Trust

01. A Cycle ft. Odile (04:00)
02. Dazed ft. Geoffroy & Gabrielle (03:52)
03.Stay True ft. Helena (05:06)
04. A Prayer ft. Odile (04:20)
05. Opus (03:06)
06. System ft. Gabrielle & Marie-Renée (03:56)
07. Endleess Strive ft. Thomas (03:40)
08. Nasty Ostinato Ad Nauseam Snap Bass Caron (01:50)
09. Extatic Memoirs ft. James & Odile (03:13)
10. Introit ft. Odile (03:08)
11. A closing word ft. James (02:43)

2015 – Headroom

01. Morse Code ft. Odile & Geoffroy (03:25)
02. Break for Lovers ft. Helena (03:04)
03. Out in myself ft. Emmanuelle (03:50)
04. Again ft. Ghostly Kisses (03:49)
05. Quiet ft. Odile (03:24)
06. Curious fish ft. Emmanuelle (02:48)
07. Aquarelle (02:49)
08. Sad Organ (01:50)
09. Space is the place (03:12)
10. Offertorio ft. Nicolas (02:03)

Singles :

2016 – Humming man
01. Humming man (02:55)

2016 – Lauren
01. Lauren (03:43)

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