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Mark'Oh (Mandy and Randy) - Discography (10 Albums, 26 Singles)


Mark'Oh (Mandy and Randy) - Discography (10 Albums, 26 Singles)
Country: Germany || Year: 1993-2011 || Genre: Eurodance, Rave, Techno, Trance, Eurohouse
Audio Codec: MP3 || Bitrate: CBR/VBR 128-320 kbps


1995 - Never Stop That Feeling

2.Love Song
3.Dreaming Of You
4.Tears Don't Lie
5.You Want More?
6.Let's Do It Again
7.Can You Feel The Rhythm?
9.How Do I Love You?
10.Randy (Never Stop That Feeling

1996 - Magic Power

1.Wake Up and Dream
2.The Right Way
4.The Hunt
5.Fade To Grey
6.Searching For Love
7.Lick Lick Shot
8.I Can't Get No (Wahaha)
9.The Jazzy Fellows
10.Rest In Peace
11.Funky Disco Bus
12.Tonight`s The Night
13.Magic Power

1999 - Rebirth

1.The Evidence
3.Your Love
4.On The Otherside
5.Back To Camelot
6.The Sparrows And The Nightingales
7.We Are Electric
8.Should It Begin...
9.Forgotten Man
10.Fallen Angel

2001 - The Best Of... Never Stopped Livin' That Feeling

1.Never Stop That Feeling 2001
2.Love Song
3.Tears Don't Lie 2001
4.Droste Horst Du Mich
5.I Can't Get No
6.Tell Me
7.Fade To Grey
8.The Right Way
9.The Team On Tour
10.The Sparrows And The Nightingales
11.Your Love
15.Fade To Grey
18.Tears Don't Lie

2003 - Mark'Oh

1.Where Is Babylon
2.When The Children Cry
3.I Surrender
4.One More Try
5.Let This Party Never End
6.Summer Vibes
7.Rock It
9.Face 2 Face
10.Tokyo Is Calling
11.Because I Love You (Meets Digital Rockers)
12.Never Stop That Feeling
13.Where Is Babylon
14.I Surrender
15.Because I Love You (Mark'Oh Remix)
16.When The Children Cry

2003 (Mandy and Randy) - Together Forever

1.Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
3.Music Touched My Heart
4.How Can I Fall
6.Wonderful Land
7.Everlasting Dream
8.Let This Party Never End
9.My Love
10.Open Your Heart
11.Together Forever

2004 - More Than Words (2 CD)

2004 - More Than Words (CD1)

1.Words (feat. Tjerk) (Video Version)
3.Stuck On You (Radio Version)
4.Get Here
5.Fly Away
6.Partytime On Planet Earth
7.I Promise My Love To You
8.Mystic Symphony
10.Around The World

2004 - More Than Words (CD2) (Mix)

1.More Than Words CD2 (DJ Mix)

2004 - More Than Words (CBR 320 kbps)

3.Stuck On You
4.Get Here
5.Fly Away
6.Partytime On Planet Earth
7.I Promise My Love To You
8.Mystic Symphony
10.Around The World
12.Stuck On You
13.Love Song

2004 (Mandy and Randy) - Love For Eternity

2.You Can Win
3.Still Believe
4.Me And You
5.The Message Is Love
6.Close To Me
7.Love For Eternity
8.A Bird In The Sky
9.Take My Hand
10.The Never Ending Story

2009 - The Past, The Present, The Future (CBR 192 kbps)

2.Don't Leave Me
4.7 Days A Week
6.La La
7.Flash And Thunder
9.Tears Don't Lie
10.Your Love

1993 - Randy (Never Stop That Feeling) (Single) (CBR 192 kbps)

1.Randy (Never Stop That Feeling) (Westbam-Remix)
2.Randy (Never Stop That Feeling) (Original)
3.Randy (Never Stop That Feeling) (DJ Hooligan Remix)

1994 - Love Song (Single) (CBR 192 kbps)

1.Love Song
3.Love Song (Short Mix)

1994 - Tears Don't Lie (Single) (CBR 192 kbps)

1.Tears Don't Lie
3.Tears Don't Lie

1994 - Love Song (Remixes) (VBR 194-211 kbps)

1.Love Song (Mark'Oh Remix)
2.Love Song (June Pirat Remix)
3.Love Song (Raver's Nature Remix)

1994 - Randy (Never Stop That Feeling) REMIXES (CBR 192 kbps)

1.Randy (Never Stop That Feeling) (Hardsequencer Remix)
2.Randy (Never Stop That Feeling) (Arpeggiators Remix)

1995 - Tears Don't Lie (Remixes) (CBR 256 kbps)

1.Tears Don't Lie (O. Lieb Remix)
2.Tears Don't Lie (Mark'Oh Remix)
3.Tears Don't Lie (Hooligan Remix)

1995 - Droste, Hörst Du Mich? (Single) (CBR 320 kbps)

1.Droste, Hörst Du Mich? (Long Version)
2.Droste, Hörst Du Mich? (Short Version)

1996 - Fade To Grey (Single) (CBR 192 kbps)

1.Fade To Grey (Radio Version)
2.Fade To Grey (Long Version)
3.Fade To Trance (Mix)
4.Fade To House (Mix)
5.Fade To Crazy

1996 - Tell Me (Single) (CBR 198 kbps)

1.Tell Me (Long Version)
2.Tell Me (Con Colour Mix)
3.Tell Me (Instrumental)
4.Tell Me (Short Version)

1999 - Rebirth (Single) (CBR 320 kbps)

1.Rebirth (Short Mix)
2.Rebirth (Aquagen's Frauen Remix)
3.Rebirth (Long Mix)
4.Tommorow Never Comes

1999 - Your Love (Single) (CBR 192 kbps)
1.Your Love (Radio Mix)
2.Your Love (Video Mix)
3.Your Love (Club Mix)
4.Your Love (Midnight Ballade Mix)

2000 - Damned Don't Cry (Single) (CBR 128 kbps)

1. Flash vs.Damned Don't Cry

2000 - Waves (Single) (CBR 192 kbps)

1.Waves (Radio Edit)
2.Waves (Mesh Remix)
3.Waves (Zipper's House Mix)
4.You And Me

2001 - Never Stop That Feeling 2001 (Single) (VBR 192-256 kbps)

1.Never Stop That Feeling 2001 (Radio Cut)
2.Never Stop That Feeling 2001 (Barthezz Remix)
3.Never Stop That Feeling 2001 (Hennes and Cold Rmx)
4.Never Stop That Feeling 2001 (Barthezz Double Distanz Remix)
5.Never Stop That Feeling 2001 (Rubberhouse Club Mix)
6.Never Stop That Feeling 2001 (Mark'Oh Mix)

2002 - Let This Party Never End (Single) (CBR 320 kbps)

1.Let This Party Never End (Video Cut)
2.Let This Party Never End (Rocco Remix)
3.Let This Party Never End (Clubversion)

2002 - Tears Don't Lie 2002 (Single) (CBR 160 kbps)

1.Tears Don't Lie 2002 (DJ`s @ Work Remix)
2.Tears Don't Lie 2002 (Club Version)
3.Tears Don't Lie 2002 (Long Version)

2002 - When The Children Cry (Single) (CBR 192 kbps)

1.When The Children Cry (Radio Cut)
2.When The Children Cry (Club Version)
3.Desire (Digital Rockers Remix)
4.When The Children Cry (Aquagen Remix)

2002 - Because I Love You (Single) (CBR 320 kbps)

1.Because I Love You (Radio Cut)
2.Because I Love You (Mark'Oh Remix)
3.Because I Love You (Dj Marc Aurel Remix)
4.Because I Love You (Mario Lopez Remix)
5.Because I Love You (Alex Butcher Remix)
6.Because I Love You (Clubversion)

2003 - Stuck On You (Single) (VBR 192-320 kbps)

1.Stuck On You (Radio Version)
2.Stuck On You (Clubversion)
3.Stuck On You (DJ Cosmo Rmx)
4.Stand Up

2003 - Words (Promo Single) (CBR 192 kbps)

1.Words (Video Version)
2.Words (Lichtenfels Remix)
3.Words (Clubversion)
4.Words (Radio Version)

2004 - Partytime On Planet Earth (Single) (CBR 210 kbps)
1.Partytime On Planet Earth (Radio Edit) 3:16

2006 - Let It Out (Shout Shout Shout) (Single) (VBR 192-256 kbps)

1.Let It Out (Shout Shout Shout) (Mark'Oh's House Mix)
2.Let It Out (Shout Shout Shout) (Mark'Oh's Pop Mix - Long Version)
3.Let It Out (Shout Shout Shout) (Mark'Oh's Pop Mix - Short Version)
4.Let It Out (Shout Shout Shout) (Mark'Oh's Trance Mix)

2008 - I Don't Like Mondays (Remixes) (CBR 320 kbps)

1.I Dont Like Mondays Radio Cut
2.I Dont Like Mondays Video Cut
3.I Dont Like Mondays Mr. Ohs Handz Up Re Cut
4.I Dont Like Mondays Xxl Mix
5.I Dont Like Mondays Mr. Ohs Handz Up Re Mix
6.I Dont Like Mondays Vinylshakerz Re Mix
7.I Dont Like Mondays Tanzanite One Re Mix
8.I Dont Like Mondays Topmodelz Remix
9.Transformation Chill Tune Mix

2009 - Scatman (Single) (CBR 320 kbps)

1.Scatman (Radio Short Mix)
2.Scatman (Clubmix)
3.Scatman (Major Tosh Remix)
4.Scatman (Smp Remix)
5.Scatman (Horny United Remix)

2009 - United Incl Sun Kidz Remix (Single) (CBR 320 kbps)

1.United (Short Mix)
2.United (Clubmix)
3.United (Sun Kidz Remix)
4.United (Long Mix)
5.United (Deroh Remix)
6.United (Tosh! Remix)
7.United (Guenta K Remix)
8.United (Andrew Spencer Remix)

2011 - Party Of The Rooftop (Single) (CBR 320 kbps)

1.Party Of The Rooftop (Radio Edit)
2.Party Of The Rooftop (Club Edit)
3.Party Of The Rooftop (Extended Version)
4.Party Of The Rooftop (Club Version)
5.Party Of The Rooftop (Chico Del Mar Remix)
6.Party Of The Rooftop (Die Hoerer Remix)
7.Party Of The Rooftop (Robkay Remix)
8.Party Of The Rooftop (Tondecker Remix)

Unofficial remixes
1999-2010 - Official and Unofficial remixes (VBR 128-320 kbps)
1. Rollergirl - Dear Jessie
2. Baracuda - Damn
3. Crazy Doll - Mr. DJ... Play This Song (Mark'Oh Short Edit) (2003)
4. Crazy Doll - Mr. DJ ... Play This Song (Mark'Oh Club Remix) (2003)
5.Can You Feel The Rhythm
6. DJ Shiwcha featFade To Grey
8.Tears Don't Lie
9. Маски - Сказка
10. Springstil - Zanzibar
11. David Guetta Ft AkonUnited Sexy Bitch
12. Andrew Spencer - Stop Loving You
13.Never Stop That Feeling
14. Mark'Oh and DeviceSounD - Scatman
17.United 2010

2011 - Official and Unofficial remixes (VBR 192-320 kbps)
2. Mark'Oh vs John Davies - Your Love 2011
3. Mark'Oh vs Michael Mind - Love's Gonna Get You United
4. Mark'Oh ft. Lalon Garcia - Scatman





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