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MagiCAD 2016.4 for AutoCAD and REVIT 2016 4 x64

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Year / Release Date: 2016
Version: 2016 Build 4
Developer: Progmay Oy
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: present
System requirements: Microsoft Windows 7x64 SP1
At least 2 GB of RAM.
750 MB of free disk space for installation and 2 GB for work.
Video card with support for 1280x1024 True Color, at least 128 MB of video memory, support for OpenGL
Description: MagiCAD is developed by the Finnish company Progman Oy, which has been working for more than 25 years to develop software for the design of engineering networks for buildings: heating, water supply, ventilation and power supply.
MagiCAD consists of modules, each of which is fully compatible with any of the existing AutoCAD platforms:
- MagiCAD Pipelines is designed for design and calculation of heating, cooling, air conditioning, water supply, sewerage, sprinkler and other systems:
- MagiCAD Sprinklers - a complete solution for the design and calculation of sprinkler systems: you can draw and edit pipelines, install equipment, identify coverage areas and working areas of injectors, etc.
- MagiCAD Ventilation is a powerful tool for designing building ventilation systems. When drawing ducts, the necessary fittings are automatically selected and installed. If you change the direction of the duct, the program will select and install the tap. When connecting one duct to another - a tee or a cross. When you change the diameter of the duct, an adapter is created.
- MagiCAD Power supply - a tool for fast and efficient design of electrical, low-current networks and lighting.
- MagiCAD Schematic - a solution for creating drawings of electrical circuits of varying complexity.
- MagiCAD The room will create a three-dimensional model of the building, based on the real geometry and technical characteristics of the building and serves as a basis for calculations and analysis.
- MagiCAD Comfort and Energy - a new, time-saving integrated solution that allows you to quickly and accurately model and evaluate the climatic and energy parameters of the building in the early stages of work.
Extras. Information: The release contains a program installed on top of AutoCAD 2013-2017 or on top of AutoCAD REVIT 2015-2017. More details about the versions on which MagiCAD is installed inside the distribution in the documentation for the installation in English.