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Learn Python 3 - Concepts and Fundamentals Demystified


Learn Python 3 - Concepts and Fundamentals Demystified
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A Visual and Hands-On Approach with Chris

What you'll learn:
Learn how to program in Python 3 whether you have ZERO experience or some experience, you will learn how to program.
Concepts are presented visually, with in-depth fully explained code examples, and hands-on programming exercises.
Learn important topics such as: Variables, Data Types, Input, Output, Lists, Dictionaries, Flow Control, Loops, and much more!
Detailed Jupyter Notebooks, Practice programs with Solution Explanations, and downloadable course notes included!
Python code is taught and explained along with detailed concepts to help you build the foundation you need to succeed!
I will teach you the concepts and fundamentals to grow and learn more advanced programming.

A working computer, internet connection, and permissions to install software.
Complete beginner or some code experience, everything is taught in detail, every line of code is explained!
This course is detailed and provides information in-depth for each line of code. I focus on the teaching aspect,, to allow you to learn Python 3.

Welcome! My name is Chris and I am here to teach you Python version 3 and the important key concepts and fundamentals with a visual and hands-on approach.

Are you new to programming? Are you having difficulty understanding the concepts? Have you taken courses and feel you still do not understand how to program? I am here to teach you that you CAN learn how to program!

My course was created for you!

This course will provide you with:

Detailed explanations, with a unique approach that first, provides you with the concepts of the code that provide the "Why and How"

Next, I will walk you through Code Examples each and every portion of the code so that you fully understand!

PDF and Jupyter Notebooks with Python Language details for quick, yet detailed review and reference

Hands-On Exercises designed to TEACH you Python 3!

Full Review of each and every exercise problem with in-depth explanations!

If you want to learn Python, or have tried to learn Python and walked away from courses without truly understanding the key concepts and fundamentals, this is the course for you! Whether you are new to programming or a professional interested in adding a new skill to your resume, success is dependent on having a solid foundation and understanding. This course is focused on providing you with a firm grasp and understanding by providing in-depth detail and "teaching" you the how and why of Python code!

As an IT professional, I have over 20 years of experience developing courses and teaching all ranges of students from entry-level, senior, and executives. I hold a B.S. Degree in Data Management and Data Analytics along with multiple professional certifications including the CISSP, Network + Ce, Project +, Microsoft Certified, Certified Data Analyst, and am also a certified forensics analyst. I have taken my years of professional experience and have created a course to teach you the necessary fundamentals, which will allow you to learn Python 3 and succeed as you advance your learning. The key to success is having a solid foundation upon which to build on. This course will provide you with that foundation!

My course will teach you the key concepts and fundamentals of Python 3 which are critical to being successful with your career, advanced courses, and other programming languages. This course is perfect for beginners and even experienced programmers who may want to dive into concepts used when creating programs.

My approach focuses on going step-by-step into the fundamental concepts, so that you gain a solid foundation and understanding, which is important as you progress in Python and other languages. I do not simply show you code, I provide detailed explanations to TEACH you how to code.

I have carefully developed this course to engage and help anyone who is new to programming or has struggled with understanding programming concepts. In addition, this course is perfect for anyone who wants reference material or a refresher.

My teaching style breaks down complex concepts into understandable chunks.

This is important as simply walking you through code may seem easy however, once you are coding on your own, a solid understanding of the concepts, are critical to being able to progress into more advanced coding concepts and topics on your own.

In order to learn how to code, you need to code! In this course, you will learn Python by detailed explanations and hands-on exercises!

How will I TEACH you Python 3?

I breakdown and explain concepts visually then, step you through code examples, and provide you with practice programs where you get to learn hands-on by writing programs. This will allow you to learn by relating to the material, technical terms, and concepts needed to advance.

This course is written in Python version 3.9 and will work with any Python 3 version.

I use detailed Jupyter notebooks to guide you through learning Python 3. Note: The Python 3 code will work in a Jupyter notebook or the editor of your choice.

If you have taken courses yet, feel that you still do not have an understanding of the core concepts, or how they come together, you found the right course! Along with the course information, I will also provide you with material and tips on how to remember the necessary syntax and structure.

The key to success with learning Python 3 or any language is to "write code" and work along as you learn the material, I will provide step-by-step instructions so you can understand and succeed. This course will not only provide you with the core fundamentals of Python 3, but it will also teach you the key programming concepts which will help you with more advanced Python and an understanding of how to learn other languages.

In the current IT environment, programming is an essential skill that will benefit all IT professionals. Whether your goal is to learn how to program or become a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, or Software Developer, you will want to learn the fundamentals of Python 3 as it is one of the most popular languages and is supported by the fastest-growing communities.

Why learn Python?

Every language is designed with a purpose, Python was designed to be understandable and flexible. Python is a high-level language with a growing community which develop libraries, modules, and frameworks. Many of the largest companies utilize Python as development is fast and efficient.

Python is a popular language in Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Web Development, and many others.

If you are new to programming, it is important to understand the fundamentals, Python is a great first language since the syntax is friendly so, this allows the student to focus on learning the fundamentals without having to learn complex syntax. Learning Python and the concepts will allow a student to learn other languages faster as the concepts between programming languages are often similar.

Learning Python is a skill which is in demand and can help your career goals or, further enhance your resume as programming is a very helpful skill no matter the field.

In this course, you will learn the following concepts and more along with detail within each with examples and practice material:






Type Casting




String Operations

Working with Files

Output Operations

Advanced Print Operations

if, elif, and else Statements

Flow Control

Math Operators

Logical Operators

For Loops

While Loops

Data Types


List Operations with Split and Join





Functions and Arguments

Global and Local variables

Python Modules

Introduction to Python Pandas

Introduction to Data Analysis

Introduction to Data Visualization with Matplotlib

Introduction to Seaborn Data Visualization


How to work with Errors

Writing Clean Code

Summary and Recommendations

In addition to all of the important topics, I will provide insights into how these topics lead into the more advanced areas of Python without overwhelming you. I hope you enjoy my course. Be sure to look out for more courses in the future! Now, let's learn the concepts and code!

Who this course is for
This course is suitable for both technical, non-technical audiences, or anyone who would like a Python 3 refresher. Students may benefit as the concepts will be broken down and clearly explained. This course is also a great resource to use for review or reference in the future.
This course is important for students who are pursing a career in data science, data analytics, software development, or want to learn the fundamentals of programming.
NO experience is needed and for those with some experience, the concepts and in-depth explanations will provide deep insight into the Python code.
If you want to learn Python 3 and understand key programming concepts, this course will provide you with a foundation which will allow you to grow!



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