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Leah Sarago - Ballet Body Signature Series


Leah Sarago - Ballet Body Signature Series
English | AVI | Video: mpeg4, 640x360, 29,97 fps | Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 128 kb/s | 1.35 GB
Genre: Video Training

Core Ultimate Tummy Tightener - Very smooth workout that will transform your waist with a mixed set of exercises drawn from ballet, yoga, pilates, and weightlifting. No slowdowns and empty exercise, these movements are smoothly flow from one to another. A set of exercises while standing, which contains ballet movements (such as trunk rotations, lunges) have worked for your press. A set of exercises on the floor will shape your hips and legs. Throughout the program will show Leah variations of positions and suggest how to increase the load (if you want to move to a more complex level ...)

Lower Body Extreme Elongation- A mostly-standing program that features a variety of barre-style exercises (but also includes elements from yoga and Pilates). It's a continuously flowing workout designed to give you the long, lean legs of a dancer. The program begins with barrework ? ballet moves like arabesques, turn-ins, releves and plies. These classic routines are frequently intensified with position variations (e.g. plies on the balls of your feet are extra challenging; they also tone your calves and improve balance). The ending floorwork includes leg extensions, bridge moves and lying leg lifts (often enhanced with small pulses). Requires a barre or heavy/solid chair (you're pulling against the "barre" in some exercises).
Upper Body Ultra Sleek Definition - A non-stop program that combines elements from ballet, Pilates and yoga. While it's primarily upper-body focused, you also get a variety of total-body and core routines. Many of the moves are true "fusions" ? exercises that integrate multiple techniques into a single sequence (e.g. a Pilates plank that flows into a yoga downward dog). The workout begins with muscle-group-specific floorwork ? moves like arabesque push-ups and tricep dip circles. It ends with a standing section that uses light dumbbells for more traditional toning and balance exercises. Throughout, Leah includes lots of options and variations. Clear, straight-forward cuing. Requires 1 to 3 lb. dumbbells.


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