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Last Resort - Diane Michaels


Last Resort - Diane Michaels
epub | 404.21 KB | English | Isbn:9781735102221 |Author: Diane Michaels | Page: 185 | Year: 2021​


She has the perfect job. Scratch that. Had the perfect job.
Mia's job as head chef at a farm-to-table restaurant is her dream come true. Being stuck in a small town in the Catskills? Not so much.
But when she's invited to work on a cooking show in New York City, she realizes her family matters more to her than ambition.
And then one pitcher of margaritas turns her life upside down.
Picking up the pieces in Brooklyn, she meets Juan, whose sparkling eyes and easy laugh immediately cure her homesickness.
But Mia is after the big prize: taking NYC's culinary world by storm.
She doesn't have time for love. Especially after her dream job becomes the stuff of nightmares.
As Mia's troubles boil over, Juan tries to lower the temperature. Instead, he turns up the heat. Has he offered her a lifeline, or is he leading her away from everything she wants?
Get your copy of Home Cooking, the standalone third book in the laugh-out-loud Empire State of Mind series, perfect for readers who love chick lit with a lot of heart.

Book 1: Splitting Heirs
Book 2: Last Resort
Book 3: Home Cooking
Book 4: Keyed Up, coming March 2021
Book 5: Date Bloomer, coming April 2021

Category:Cultural, Ethnic & Regional Humor, Men, Women & Relationships Humor, Satire

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