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La La Lovely [Audiobook] by Trina McNeilly, Rebekah Lyons
English | April 10th, 2018 | ASIN: B07BTL1MSX | MP3@64 kbps | 6 hrs 17 mins | 173.20 MB
Narrator: Trina McNeilly

Through beautiful designs and imagery, La La Lovely invites listeners to find their true identity where there is brokenness, discover the love of God, and design their own special place of beauty.

Author Trina McNeilly has been blogging for nearly a decade. While she spent her days sharing beauty, looking for lovely things, and redecorating her childhood home, her parents' unexpected divorce shattered her ideals of "home".

Through this journey, Trina learned that beauty is not beyond the laundry pile, chipped paint, dirty dishes, broken table, or broken life. It's right in the center of it. Trina found that God IS beauty. And that he invites us to look, discover, uncover, and find because when we find beauty, we find God.

In La La Lovely, Trina shares stories and inspiration from her journey of finding and being found by beauty. You will find deep matters of the heart along with practical pointers on things like decorating your home, finding your style, and creating beautiful spaces. Each chapter offers essays, beautiful photographs, design tips, and practical advice for creating a place of beauty and belonging no matter where you live or what you're going through.