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MP3 Karloz Manufactura – Discography


Date: 2002-2011
Genre: Rhythmic Noise, Industrial, Experimental, IDM, Dark Ambient music
Homeland: US
Label: Auricle Media, etc.
Codec: MP3
Quality: MP3 320kbps
Playtime: 18:37:17 !!!

Influential, controversial, admired and despised. Genre twisting, intense, in your face, violent, maniacal, twisted…..the list goes on. Throw these pieces together and you are presented with Manufactura. The gripping Powernoise/Industrial/EBM/experimental/electronic/IDM/etc. project from the mind of Karloz M, one of the most controversial figures in the modern rhythmic noise scene. If parts of his reputation can be disputed, however, his talent cannot. For going on more than 10 years now, Manufactura has been behind some of the most creative, genre-pushing explorations of power noise, ranging from the straightforward club-killers, to gritty and atmospheric moods, to lyrically-driven EBM crossovers. His music will take you on a journey through the mind of a mad man, loud and angry, crunchy and hard hitting. Then, before you know it, you’re lost in the middle of a soothing, serene and melancholy down-tempo moment, then up again, pounding your fists away at the heavy beat. His brilliance lies in making it all flow together perfectly. Manufactura’s music is intertwined with violence, but unlike the militaristic imagery of many of his fellow artists, Karloz M. explores violence from an intensely personal level that no doubt adds to the controversy. By dealing with the uglier side of human nature from such a close perspective, there’s something inherently more confrontational about his music. You can’t dance to a Manufactura track and then forget about it; it’s more disturbing than your typical four-on-the-floor beat laced with war movie samples. There’s a lot more to Manufactura than aggression though and some of the most chilling moments are the quietest.

Albums :

Karloz Manufactura
2005 Reflections Of A Sick And Twisted Mind (WEB)
2008 The Devouring Subconscious (WEB)

2002 Regression (CD)
2003 Precognitive Dissonance (CD)
2005 Presence: Into The Here And The Now (CD)
2005 Todo Por Nada: 99-05 Collection (CD)
2006 We’re Set Silently On Fire (CD)
2007 In The Company Of Wolves (CD)
2008 Psychogenic Fugue + A Damaged Symphony For Depraved Dementia N.2 (CD)
2010 As They Drown In Their Lies (WEB)
2011 Avulsion (WEB)
2011 The Pleasures Of The Damned – The Greatest Beats & Cuts Collection (2001-2011) (CD)

Broken Fabiola
2008 Severed (CD)
2011 She Runs Towards Perdition (WEB)

Industria Secundaria
2008 Godless Devices (WEB)

Stranger Dreams
2008 As The Sparrow (WEB)

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