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Jill McGown - Lloyd and Hill Series 1-13

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Jill McGown - Lloyd and Hill Series 1-13

Language: English | Format: EPUB,MOBI | Size: 17 MB

Lloyd and Hill
1. A Perfect Match (1983)
2. Redemption (1988)
aka Murder At the Old Vicarage-
3. Death of a Dancer (1989)
aka Gone to Her Death
4. The Murders of Mrs Austin and Mrs Beale (1991)
5. The Other Woman (1992)
6. Murder... Now and Then (1993)
7. A Shred of Evidence (1995)
8. Verdict Unsafe (1997)-
9. Plots and Errors (1999)
10. Picture of Innocence (1998)
11. Scene of Crime (2001)
12. Births, Deaths and Marriages (2002)
aka Death in the Family
13. Unlucky for Some (2004)
A Trio of Murders (omnibus) (2014)

A Perfect Match (1983)
A young woman is found murdered in a small English town, while the main suspect has spent the night drinking, and denies any involvement. It looks like an easily solved case for Detective Inspector Lloyd and Sergeant Judy Hill, but it soon proves more complex than they originally thought.