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INXS - Definitive INXS (2002)

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"Definitive INXS" is a compilation (one-CD) hits of years
from 1980-1997 of Australian rock band INXS.


1."Need You Tonight" (from Kick)
2."What You Need" (from Listen Like Thieves)
3."Disappear" (from X)
4."Baby Don't Cry" (from Welcome to Wherever You Are)
5."Elegantly Wasted" (from Elegantly Wasted)
6."Mystify" (from Kick)
7."Just Keep Walking" (from INXS)
8."Suicide Blonde" (from X)
9."Never Tear Us Apart" (from Kick)
10."Shining Star" (from Live Baby Live)
11."Beautiful Girl" (from Welcome to Wherever You Are)
12."Listen Like Theives" (from Listen Like Theives)
13."New Sensation" (from Kick)
14."Bitter Tears" (from X)
15."Original Sin" (from The Swing)
16."Devil Inside" (from Kick)
17."The Gift" (from Full Moon, Dirty Hearts)
18."By My Side" (from X)
19."Born to Be Wild" (from Reckless Kelly)
20."Salvation Jane" (Previously unreleased)
21."Tight" (Previously unreleased)


Quality: Lossy (*.mp3)
Codec: LAME 3.99.5r
Bitrate: CBR 320 Kbps
Channels: Stereo (48 kHz, 16 bits)
Overall time: 01:18:34
Released: 2002
Genre: New wave, Post-punk
Recording type: Studio
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