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Informatica Master Data Management ( Informatica MDM )


Informatica Master Data Management ( Informatica MDM )
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What you'll learn
Informatica MDM Architecture
The Complete Data Flow In MDM
Tables - Landing/Base Objects/Staging
Configure Relationship and Lookups between different Entities
Mappings between Landing and Staging table and all the Data Cleansing/Validations
Delta Detection and Audit Trail
Rejections during data loadings
Trust Framework and Validation Rules
Property of Staging tables ( Cell Update / Allow Null Foreign Key / ALlow Null Update)
Complete Match and Merge including Exact and Fuzzy Matching
Population Configuration
Tokenization process
Match Path
Queries and Packages
Batch Group and Batch Viewer
Configuring Role and Privlizes
Using the Data Manager tools
Checking the different logs files
Complete MDM Admin related tasks
Complete Overview of the IDD Configuration and IDD Application
Provisioning Configuration and E360 Application
Basics of Sql
Basics of Database modeling
Optional - Core Java knowledge

The Informatica Master Data Management course is designed to get deep drive into the MDM Concepts .

It includes all the components of MDM which will help anyone to excel in his work.

This course is for all levels who would like to enhance their knowledge about Informatica MDM .

The course focuses on various concepts used in the Informatica MDM including Architecture / Hub / Provisioning / Entity 360 Application / Informatica Data Director(IDD) / Hub User Exit / External Call / Elastic Search tool along with architecture.

This course is completely practical oriented where most of the development scenarios are captured

Faculty: Informatica MDM Certified consultant

Description :

Architecture :

Informatica MDM Architecture

The complete data flow in MDM

Data Model

Landing Tables

Base Objects

Staging Tables

Relationship between different Entities

Lookup Process

Shadow Foreign Key

Stage Process:

Mappings b/w Landing and Staging table

Data Cleansing/Validations

Delta Detection

Audit Trail

Rejections during data load

Load Process:

Trust Framework

Validation Rules

How the load process works

Cell Update

Allow Null Foreign Key

Allow Null Update

Match and Merge Process:

Complete Match and Merge Overview

Exact Matching

Null Matches Null

Null Matches Non Null

Non Equal matching

Segment Matching

Fuzzy Matching

Population Configuration

Tokenization process

Match Path

Merge Settings

Queries and Packages:

Display Package

Put Package

Query Group

Normal Queries

Custom Queries

Batch Group and Batch Viewer

Overview of different Jobs in Batch Viewer

Running of the Jobs

Configuring and running the Batch Groups

Role and Privlizes:

Secure Resources

Creating different Roles and Assigning permissions

Users and Groups

Admin/Configuration Workbench:

Registering Database

Creating Users

Assigning tools permission

Using Repository Manager for Promotion

Message Queue configuration

Enterprise Manager

Workflow Manager

Log Files:

Application Server Logs

Hub Server Logs

Cleanse Server Logs

Informatica Data Director(IDD):

Complete Overview of the IDD Configuration

Creation of Subject Area, Subject Area Child and Grand Child

Configuring the cleanse/match for the Subject Area

Configure Hierarchy

Complete view of IDD Application

Configure Internationalization

Understanding of all the files present in Application.zip

Provisioning Tool:

Usage of Provisioning Tool

Create Business Entity

Create Business Entity View

Creating Transformations [ BE-View / View-BE / BE-BE ]

Configuring Triggers

Creating Layouts for the Business Entity

Creating Start page for based on User Roles

Configure components

Task Manager Configuration

Complete View of the E360 User Application based on the Provisioning configuration

Export and Import Process

Quiz : In progress

At end of each Module

Who this course is for:
This course is for anyone who wants to start his carrier in Informatica MDM or want to get deep dive on the Informatica MDM Concepts
Anyone who would like to start their career as Informatica MDM Developer , Senior Developer , Architect or as Tester



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