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III Kanal

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III KANAL did also play an important role for the later Heavy Metal scene. They released as far as I know just two albums and one 7" EP. The single "Radar/ Osamnaest" was their first release from 1980 containing just two tracks, that can be classified in the Hard Rock or even normal Rock genre. One year later the band recorded their debut LP, simply entitled "III Kanal", that was released through Jugoton from Zagreb. Apart from the great fantasycover cover, there were no connections to Heavy Metal. The music remained basically the same, but nevertheless the heaviness in their songs increased at least a bit. Tracks such as "Administrativni Stroj" or "Hard Rock" will please every Hard Rock fan. I think it was the very melodic vocal that let it sound softer. In 1983, III KANAL released their second LP, but this time on Diskos Records, which was a smaller label than Jugoton. Because of this fact, it is much harder to find this album than their debut. A strange thing is that their album was again entitled "III Kanal". However, this was definitely their strongest and by far heaviest album. You can find only one ballad, while most of the rest is a mixture of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with much more raw vocals than on their debut. Songs like "Telefon", "Musko Drustvo" or "Branka" made this record the heaviest one in Croatia back in the early 80`s. Unfortunately, it seems, that in contrast to Atomsko Skloniste, III KANAL had not much success with that new sound in the country as I didn`t hear something of a third album. Since both LPs had the same title, you are forced to take a look on the cover before you buy, so pick up the one with the bandphoto on the sleeve. As it isn`t too searched, the normal price for this vinyl should be around 50$.



III Kanal - Singl - 1980

a1 - radar
b1 - 18



III Kanal - III Kanal - 1982

a01. III Kanal - Crna kronika
a02. III Kanal - A.Stroj
a03. III Kanal - Dan
a04. III Kanal - Hard Rock
a05. III Kanal - Grad
b01. III Kanal - Sifra Z95
b02. III Kanal - Kit na kredit
b03. III Kanal - Incident
b04. III Kanal - Cccc
b05. III Kanal - Clown

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III Kanal - III Kanal - 1983

a01 III Kanal - Lena
a02 III Kanal - Telefon
a03 III Kanal - Ti odluci sve
a04 III Kanal - Prijateljica
a05 III Kanal - Mogao sam
b01 III Kanal - Volis ga
b02 III Kanal - Takav sam ja
b03 III Kanal - Musko drustvo
b04 III Kanal - Branka
b05 III Kanal - Dobit ces svoje