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How It Works - February 2019

  • Začetnik teme Angelus
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How It Works - February 2019
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 17.8 mb

22 The science and tech of Doctor Who - Dscover the realities of time travel, regeneration & more!
24 Spooky science - Vampires, zombie cells and out-of-body experiences explained
40 Heroes of Houdini
42 NASA at 60 - Celebrating the many milestones of the American space agency
48 Creepy cosmos
50 What would happen if the Sun disappeared?
52 The Tower or London - Take a tour of the landmark and discover its gruesome past
58 Carnotaurus
60 Killer colours
62 Cryptoairrency explained - Baffled by Bitcoin and bemused by blockchain? Let us demystify it
66 CT scanners
68 The Magic Leap One
70 Are octopuses actually aliens? - The short answer is no, but they are wonderfully weird!
76 Island evolution
78 Inside the A7V tank
81 What is aquaplaning?

06 Global eye - Science and tech news stories from around the world
20 Wish list - The gadgets, games and apps we’ve got our eye on
82 Game review - The new PS4 release that has our Spider Sense tingling
84 Brain dump - Your questions answered
90 Book reviews
92 Brain gym - Give your brain a workout with our puzzle pages
94 How to… Make some cosmic eggs
95 Competition - Win a Nintendo Switch bundle
96 Letters - Our readers have their say
98 Fast facts

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