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History Revealed - November 2018

  • Začetnik teme Angelus
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History Revealed - November 2018
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 19.5 mb

Snapshots - Polish pilots of World War II ...p6
History in the News - Millions of artefacts lost in Brazil ...p13
Time Piece - Even Vikings had to do ironing ....p15
History in Colour - Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa...p16
Your History - Presenter and author Michael Scott ...p17
Yesterday’s Papers - The Shepherd’s Bush Murders ...p18
This Month In... 1936 - BBC begins a regular TV service ...p20
Time Capsule: 1788 - A regency looms for George III ....p22
Graphic History - Gladiators of Ancient Rome ...p24
Genghis Khan The man who united the Mongol tribes and created an unparalleled empire is painted as a pitiless killer. But was he also an enlightened ruler? ...p28
Thomas Becket: Murder in the Cathedral First he was Henry II’s bosom pal, then an annoyance whose meddling had
to come to an end ...p39
Their Name Liveth for Evermore How one man changed the way we remember the fallen of WWI ...p46
In Pics: Marilyn Monroe The rise and rise of the most famous woman in 1950s Hollywood ...p55
The American Revolutionary War The era-defining conflict in five key moments, starting with a spat about tea that boiled over ...p63
Ask the Experts - Your questions answered ...p73
What’s On - Our picks for this month ...p79
Britain’s Treasures - Cheddar Gorge ...p84
Books - A look at the new releases ...p86
Postcards from the Past - Your snaps from across the globe ...p90
Crossword ...p95
Next Issue ...p97
Photo Finish ...p98
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