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Hell Bent For Leather (1960)





Audie Murphy plays Clay Santell, a horse trader who offers to help out a man traveling through the desert on foot. The man promptly steals Clay’s horse, but is winged making his escape and drops his silver-engraved shotgun.Clay hoofs it to the nearby town of Sutterville, where folks take one look at that shotgun and figure he’s Travers, a shotgun-wielding killer with 14 murders to his credit, including an elderly couple who lived near town.Marshal Harry Deckett (Stephen McNally) shows up, and Clay figures he’ll talk some sense into the townsfolk. But Deckett’s been trailing Travers for four months to no avail. If he can take in a less dangerous man, pass him off as Travers and reap glory in the process … well, that’s just fine with him.Realizing the fix he’s in, Clay breaks away and escapes into the rocky countryside with a pretty young captive named Janet (Felicia Farr). She comes to believe in his innocence, which puts her at risk, too. From that point, the chase is on, with Clay trying to locate the real Travers while the marshal and the good folks of Sutterville track he and Janet.

Directed by:
George Sherman

Audie Murphy … Clay Santell
Felicia Farr … Janet
Stephen McNally … Marshal Deckett
Jan Merlin … Travers
Robert Middleton … Ambrose
Rad Fulton … Moon
Herbert Rudling … Ferrick
Malcolm Atterbury … Gamble
Joseph Ruskin … Shad
Allan Lane … Kelsey
John Qualen … Old Ben
Eddie Little Sky … William
Steve Gravers … Grover
Beau Gentry … Stone
Bob Steele … Jared




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