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Hacking and Securing Docker Containers v2.0 (updated)

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Genre: eLearning | MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz
Language: English | VTT | Size: 758 MB | Duration: 6 section | 34 lectures | (2h 7m)

This is the latest version of our previous course Hacking and Securing Docker Containers.​

What you'll learn

Fundamentals of Docker Images and Containers

How to build your first docker image

How to run your first docker container

Fundamentals of Container Security

Auditing docker containers using automated tools

Docker security fundamentals for Penetration Testers

Common container misconfigurations

Container security concepts that can be applied in DevSecOps pipelines

This course falls into the categories - Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Information Security


This course starts from very basics and thus no Docker experience is required


[Please note that the course is being heavily updated with more videos]

This course contains several updates to the previous version.

Updates include:

1. Detailed explanation of how docker images are locally stored

2. How to abuse CAP_SYS_MODULE and write a kernel module to get escape the container and get a reverseshell.

3. Scanning Docker Images using Trivy

4. Docker Content Trust

5. 1080p quality videos (compared to 720p in previous version)

This course introduces students to the security concepts associated with Docker. Docker is a popular software and it is widely used in Information Technology Industry. It's popularity also brings a larger attack surface and thus it is important to understand it's security aspects to be able to protect Docker containers. This course is designed for students with any experience. If you never used Docker, its fine we have covered the basics. If you have used Docker for containerizing your applications, we have covered some advanced topics such as escaping from containers to host using misconfigured containers. Regardless of your experience with Docker, we have got you covered here.

Who this course is for:

IT Professionals using Docker containers

IT Professionals planning to use Docker containers

IT Professionals using any orchestration tool such as Docker Swarm, Kubernetes

Anyone who is interested in understanding Docker Security