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Gunfight In Abilene (1967) [720p]





U Građanskom ratu Kal Vejn, nesrećnim slučajem, ubio je prijatelja.Poslije rata vratio se u Abilejn, a njegova bivša djevojka namjeravada se uda za muškarca čijeg je brata on ubio,Osjećaj krivice ne dopušta mu da je pokuša ponovno osvojiti.Iako to ne želi, on prihvati posao šerifa, jer ga je to zamolio njegov brat.I dalje ga progone ratne strahote, pa ne želi da nosi oružje.Kad je došlo do sukoba između stočara i farmera, u kojem je ubijen i njegov brat,ponovno je pripasao remen s pištoljem i krenuo u potragu za ubicom...

Bobby Darin stars as Cal Wayne, a Confederate officer who has the misfortune of shooting one of his own men, a good friend no less, during the war. He returns to Abilene scarred by the experience. Known for his fast gun, he no longer wears one.

A couple more shocks are in store for Cal, who everyone thought had been killed in the war. Grant Evers (Leslie Nielson), the brother of the man he shot, has given up farming and gone into the cattle brokering business, making a fortune for himself.

And Evers is engaged to Amy Martin (Emily Banks), Cal’s former lover, who decided she needed to move on with her life after hearing of Cal’s “death.” Grant and Cal are friends too. In fact, Grant’s right arm was maimed in a boyhood accident when he and Cal were playing.

So when Grant asks Cal to take over the job as sheriff of Abilene, Cal feels obligated to do so, despite his hesitancy to use a gun. Grant’s a sly one, though. He’s on the ranchers’ ide in a range war that’s brewing between the farmers and ranches. And he knows the farmers will trust Wayne, taking the heat off him, at least for the moment.

Then a young Union soldier who also just returned home from the war is whipped to near death by Grant’s gunhand, Joe Slade, presumably for stealing a calf. That threatens to blow the lid off that brewing range war.

Directed by:
William Hale

Bobby Darin … Cal Wayne
Emily Banks … Amy Martin
Leslie Nielson … Grant Evers
Donnelly Rhodes … Joe Slade
Don Galloway … Ward Kent
Frank McGrath … Ned Martin
Michael Sarrazin … Cord Decker
Barbara Werle … Leann
Johnny Seven … Loop
William Phipps … Frank Norton’
William Mims … Ed Scovie
Robert Sorrells … Nelson
Don Dubbins … Sprague
James McCalllion … Smoky Staub
Bryan O’Byrne … Frobisher




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