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MP3 Giorgio Moroder & Co. - The Best (2013)


Genre: Disco
Country: Italy
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 Kbit
Total Time: 05:13:18
Total Size: 717 Mb

01. Take Me To The Pilot (Keith Forsey)
02. Shannon's Eyes (12 Inch Version) (Giorgio Moroder And Paul Engemann)
03. Doctor Funk (Smiley / introducing Karen Taylor)
04. Rung Fu's Back Again. Part I (Roberta Kelly)
05. Thief Of Hearts (Short Version) (Melissa Manchester)
06. Flashdance... What A Feeling (Diana Dewitt)
07. Pandora's Box (Single Version) (Donna Summer)
08. Denver Dream (Donna Summer)
09. Fly Too High (Single Version) (Janis Ian)
10. Virgin Mary (Donna Summer)
11. Bump The Twist (Speed Limit)
12. Rung Fu's Back Again. Part ll (Roberta Kelly)
13. Love Theme From "Flashdance" (instrumental) (Helen Stjohn)
14. Dynamite (Keith Forsey)
15. Bad Boys (Helen Stjohn)
16. Get On The Funk Train. Part I (Single Version) (Munich Machine)
17. Hold On (Keith Forsey)
18. Love Now, Hurt Later (Giorgio & Chris)
19. Get On The Funk Train. Part ll (Single Version) (Munich Machine)

01. Let Your Body Shine (Album Version) (Munich Machine)
02. The Disco Twist (Speed Limit)
03. Watch Out For The Boogie Man (Single Version) (Trax)
04. Bolectro (Munich Machine)
05. Lonely Lovers Symphony (Brian Evans)
06. Funk You Very Much (Smiley / introducing Karen Taylor)
07. Love Trap (The Beepers)
08. Shannon's Eyes (Single Version) (Giorgio Moroder And Paul Engemann)
09. Ooh, La La (Suzi Lane)
10. Night Time Is The Right Time (Giorgio Moroder feat. Edie Marlena)
11. Party Light (Long Version) (Munich Machine)
12. Playing For Time (Madleen Kane)
13. Something's In The Wind (Donna Summer)
14. This Perfect Day (Chris Bennett)
15. The Runner (Richard T. Bear)
16. You Can (Single Version) (Madleen Kane)
17. Turn The Stone (Helen Stjohn)
18. Classically Elise (Elise 77) (Album Version) (Dino Solera)

01. Beautiful Day (Giorgio Moroder Project)
02. Feel The Thunder (Giorgio Moroder Project)
03. In The Middle Of The Rnight (Giorgio Moroder)
04. To The Bridge (Giorgio Moroder)
05. Too Hot To Handle (Giorgio Moroder)
06. First Hand Experience (Giorgio Moroder)
07. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (Giorgio Moroder)
08. Be My Lover Now (instrumental) (Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakey)
09. Irena's Theme (Giorgio Moroder)
10. Palm Springs Drive (Giorgio Moroder)
11. From Here To Eternity (Giorgio Moroder)
12. I'm Hot Tonight (Elizabeth Daily)
13. Night Drive (Giorgio Moroder)
14. She's On Fire (Amy Holland)
15. Together In Electric Dreams (instrumental) (Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakey)
16. Hello Mr. W.A.M. (Finale) (Giorgio Moroder)
17. Turn Out The Light (Amy Holland)
18. I Wanna Funk With You Tonight (Giorgio Moroder)

01. Chase (Giorgio Moroder & Paul Engemann)
02. Shake It Up (Elizabeth Daily)
03. To Be Number One (Summer 1990) Official Song Of FIFA World Cup Italy 1990 (Giorgio Moroder Project)
04. Cage Of Freedom (Jon Anderson)
05. Cat People (David Bowie)
06. On Your Own (Billie Squier)
07. Gina's And Elvira's Theme (Georgia Moroder)
08. Breathless (LP Version) (Trax)
09. 'Til The End Of Time (Giorgio Moroder Project)
10. Giorgio Moroder Medley (Giorgio Moroder)
11. Lost Angeles (Giorgio Moroder)
12. Son Of My Father (Giorgio Moroder)
13. Underdog (Giorgio Moroder)



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