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Gears of War Judgment


Gears of War Judgment XBOX360 JTAG FULL
2013 | Xbox360 | Developer: Epic Games and People Can Fly | Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios | 6.95GB
Language: English | Region: Region Free | Region: Region Free | Firmware: FreeBoot
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person

Game Gears of War: Judgment has become one of the most dynamic and challenging games on the storyline, which takes you to the most important day of the universe, where the unfolding events of the game - at the time, occurred immediately after the Day of breakthrough. The game feels like the first time you have the strength of character in a super dynamic multiplayer mode.

The Description of the new series «Judgment» revolves around a squad of soldiers Kilo Squad, which is headed by Damon Baird (Damon Baird) and August "Coltrane" Number (Augustus «The Cole Train» Cole), formed a few years before the events of the previous series of the trilogy Gears of War.
In this series, they were joined by newcomers Sophia Hendrix and Garon Paducah, united by a single purpose - to save a terrible new enemy-occupied city Halva Bay. Gears of War: Judgment provides an opportunity to play together with three friends over Xbox LIVE (only 4 people) with which you be able to save the planet from destruction Sera Locust.

* Gripping story:
Unlike previous games in the series, the new Gears of War: Judgment includes the function of the "Declassification of the mission", which gives the opportunity to experience a more dynamic scenario of the Description, revealing interesting nuances in the course of events in the game.
* Fast and more intense battles:
Gears of War: Judgment reveals the Description, which returns the user to the main essence of the series Gears, simultaneously introducing a new style of fighting, making it faster and more action-packed than ever before. In addition, the game features a new system of Smart Spawn System (S3), available in multiplayer and campaign mode. This system ensures the uniqueness of each battle, the location, time and type of enemy.
* The explosive multiplayer mode:
Gears of War: Judgment brings a unique, multi-functional, including the function OverRun, - a new competitive mode, face coalition soldiers and Locust in individual battles. Object-oriented mode allows teams of 5 people to play both Locust and for the Coalition. OverRun function marks the first such multi-mode «Gears», reinforcing the possibility of immersion in the game with a developed system of progression of your player. From now on, no rules, just the speed, skills, and the lion's share of luck!




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