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Full-stack Deno with GraphQL, NextJS, and PostgreSQL

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Use and manipulate Oak context object (Request, Response, Cookies, and etc.​

Learn to build full-stack JWT authentication system with Deno, GraphQL, NextJS, and PostgreSQL

Learn how to use Deno, Oak framework, and GraphQL to build functional GraphQL API

Learn how to integrate PostgreSQL database with Deno

Learn how to implement authentication and authorization logic to protect API routes

Learn how to handle Oak middleware functions


Learn how to send email in Deno

Learn how to integrate Deno web framework with React (NextJS) frontend application

Learn how to consume GraphQL API using Apollo Client (version 3)

Learn to use React Context API to manage state

Learn how to use React-hook-form

Learn how to protect routes in NextJS application

Learn how to persist state using Cookies

Learn how to use Typescript both in backend and frontend

A computer: macOS, Windows, or Linux

Know/Understand Javascript

Basic knowledge of Node and React

Basic understanding of Typescript will help, but not required as you can use Javascript

You do not need to have GraphQL knowledge

This course will guild you how to use/integrate modern and well-established technologies such as Deno.js, GraphQL, NextJS, and PostgreSQL to build a professional, real-world full-stack application.

# What are we going build?

A full-stack JWT authentication system

# What topics this course will cover?

Create web server with Deno.js and Oak framework

Create GraphQL server with Oak GraphQL library

Setup PostgreSQL database and connect to the server

Write GraphQL API (schema, queries, mutations)

How to use Oak middleware function

How to manipulate Oak Context and use it to pass data between middleware

How to use Cookies

How to create, send, and validate JWT token

Perform PostgreSQL Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) operations

How to send email in Deno.js

How to connect NextJS application with Deno web server using Apollo Client (v3)

Fetch data from GraphQL API with Apollo Client Hooks (useQuery, useMutation)

How to write Apollo Hooks as custom hook function

How to fetch data from GraphQL API on server-side in NextJS

Manage state with React Context API

How to protect route on client-side in NextJS

How to protect route on server-side in NextJS

Bner to intermediate React/Nodejs web developers