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F5-GTM Global Traffic Manager(BigIP-DNS)&all Technical Labs


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Getting Deep Dive in The F5 GTM Global Traffic Manager Module ,Discussing all topics related features and all necessary and advanced configuration components that make it up and run.​

What you'll learn

F5 - GTM Deployment ,Licensing and Configuration - DNS Traffic (Queries , Resolution and recursion Process)

GTM Definition and Concept - GTM Roles

GTM Configuration Components -GTM Load Balancing - GTM Troubleshooting and Technical Labs

All Topics with practical experience ,DNS, GSLB , Datacenters


IT Networks Basics


Starting by a complete clarification for the DNS System going through the Recursion and the resolution Process

Then :

Like (GSLB Configuration Components : Listener ,Wide-IP, Pool , Data centers , Servers , Virtual servers ) and applying different load balancing types like (Round Robin and Topology Load Balancing ) at different levels: Wide IP Level or the Pool Level.


Discussing in details The Topology Load Balancing ,Topology Records , Topology Region and how to Differentiate among them using Orders and Weights

So you will get a full understanding and practicing for :

The DNS Traffic (Queries, Resolution and recursion Process).

The Deployment of the F5 - GTM to work as DNS including (Licensing and Configuration) .

The handling of the queries coming from Outside Clients or local DNS until reaching the Back End Application server and Vise Versa.

The GTM Definition and Concept - GTM Roles -GTM Configuration Components -GTM Load Balancing - GTM Troubleshooting and Technical Labs.

In fact all of the above will enable you to gain a high level of experience , work as a professional and troubleshoot the F5 BigIP -DNS System in seniority level.

This Course based mainly on a Collaboration among definition of the system Components whether hardware or software , Explaining different methods for achieving the target and applying all topics in the practical labs.

Actually this course in addition of teaching and practicing each topic it will enhance your skills and ability to build your own technical labs using the famous tools in IT Fields and to achieve your target inside your Work.

So be ready !!!

You will Deep Dive in F5-BigIP DNS System .

Who this course is for:

IT Networks Security Administrators , Information security Eeers ,Penetration tester , application Eeers ,Networks Eeers , Systems Eeers , IT Managers

Students preparing for 302 EXAM

CCNA Eeers , CCNP Eeers ,CCDP Eeers , CCIE Eeers , Data Centers Eeers , Secuirty Eeers , CCSP Eeers

SOC EEERS -NOC Eeers ,Systems Eeers , Cloud Computing Eeers , CISA , CEH, DevOps, NetOps

IT Managers , IT Directors , ICT Service Providers , Project Managers , Account Managers ,Dean of ICT University

ICT Professor ,ICT Researcher, ICT and CyberSecurity Educator

Fortigate Eeers ,PaloAlto Eeers ,Infoblox Eeers ,Cisco Certified , HAProxy Eeers , SDN Eeers , ICT Alumni , ICT Student ,


Information Technology Manager in Oil and Gas Companies , Hotels , Hospitals ,Schools , Universities , Airports