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F5 BigIP Administration and all Labs Deep Dive in F5 Series


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201 and 301 EXAM topics and getting Deep Dive in The F5 TMOS Administration teaching all topics ,related features and all configuration components that make it up and run.​

Setting up ,Configuration ,Managemet &Troubleshooting F5 BigIP Device , (Virtual servers, Pools, Performance , Report)

F5 BigIp System Installation, Accessing and Configuration, Deployment, Backup and Restoring for the both (Virtual Edition and Hardware device)

Deployment and Configuration (Virtual servers, Profiles, Pools, Nodes & all Configuration Components )

Solution Design and Troubleshooting (Routing Issues and SNAT Solution-Health and Performance Monitoring Reporting and Status Indicators)

201 TMOS Administration Exam Topics

F5 LTM Part1 of 301 LTM Exam Topics

Understanding of Networks Basics

Starting from Scratch Going through Accessing the F5 BigIP Device and TMOS system, Setting up , Enabling the License ,Deploying the necessary modules , Installing digital certificates ,Applying all needed Configuring to run and Troubleshoot the BigIP system,pools,nodes,pool members,profiles and health monitor Troubleshooting ( Virtual server ,Performance Monitoring ) and Dealing with different Troubleshooting Tools

Then Going to the next section which includes:

All needed configuration Components(Virtual severs , Profiles , Pools and Nodes) , Traffic Processing , Full Proxy Feature , Routing and Source Nat (SNAT) , Creating Profiles , Load Balancing , Monitoring the Health of all System Component and Practicing each topic in a separate Lab.

Then Going to the Very new section "Architecting1" which includes:

What Happen Exactly inside the F5:

Deep looking at the Routing and the Related Different Designs , Solution Design Examples , how the communication will happen between the Virtual server and the Back end application servers from Routing Point of view

Then Going to the Very new section "Architecting2" which includes:

Solving the Issues:

All related Routing issues and how to resolve theses issues including SNAT Solution - The importance of the Default Gateway in general and specially when Designing the F5 BigIP System -Health & Performance Monitoring

Then Going to the next section "Troubleshooting" which includes:

Chosen cases from different Modules for trouble shooting purposes

Then Going to the next section "Reporting" which includes:

Graphical dealing with Information totally Inside

Reporting and Status Indication for different Configuration Components

The Interesting thing here is there are technical Labs for Practicing each topic.

In fact all of the above will enable you to gain a high level of experience , work as a professional and troubleshoot the BigIP System in seniority level and To Pass F5 201 Exam Easily with a Deep Understanding .

This Part also is a big part toward 301 Exam .

This Course based mainly on a Collaboration among Definition of the system Components whether hardware or software , Explaining different methods for Troubleshooting and achieving the target and applying all topics in a practical labs.

Actually this course in addition of teaching and practicing each topic it will enhance your skills and ability to build your own technical labs using the famous tools in IT Fields and to achieve your target inside your Work Certification Path .

So be ready !!!

You will deep Dive in F5-BigIP System .

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