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End Day (2005)

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End Day (2005)

Description: Scientists have long concluded that the apocalypse more than likely. Another thing is that none of them can say for sure exactly when it will happen. New disaster film based on the hypothesis advanced by experts hyper-realistic computer graphics offers us witness four possible apocalypse. This is beyond our natural disasters like the tsunami or the incredible power of a giant meteorite, and those which had a hand in the man himself - a bad science experiment or the development of modern chemical weapons.

Four tragic scenario predicted by scientists, are decorated in a "documentary reportage", which gives the film even more drama. The first story tells how a huge wave buried under a New York. The main hero of the second story was a meteorite that turned Berlin into a huge crater. In the third story unknown virus enters passenger flight to the UK, causing a plague across-all life. And finally, the fourth story tells what might happen if too inquisitive scientific minds will want to recreate a black hole in the laboratory. Well, dear viewers? In your opinion, what is the end of our civilization deserves?