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Elite Card Technique


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perform ten jaw dropping magic effects.​

What you'll learn

hold cards in mechanics grip

riffle shuffle

hindu shuffle

overhand shuffle

control cards to desired places in the pack

thumb break

pinky break

transfer between thumb break and pinky break

charlier cut

swivel cut

double under cut

perform a classic fan

perform a pressure fan

perform a one handed fan


The only thing a student needs to do is get a deck of cards, and get ready to amaze people.


Do you want to learn how to amaze people? Do you want to learn how to impress your friends and family? In this bners to card magic course you will learn TEN JAW DROPPING card magic tricks. These tricks include: Triumph, You Do As I Do, and The Spelling Card Trick, which have been know to be performed by expert magicians all over the world. Before this I teach you:the mechanics , card jogs, card cuts, card shuffles and card flourishes. You will learn from 15 years of experience, how to amaze people at parties, school, work and on the streets! You do not need any previous experience or knowledge with cards, because I will be showing you everything you need to know and practice! I will take you from an absolute bner, to THE LIFE OF THE PARTY! Our aim here is not to just teach you tricks, but and arsenal of sleights, flourishes, and cuts to make you comfortable in front of audience members. I will be going slow through all the maneuvers so that you be able to follow along, so grab a deck of cards and get ready to amaze people!

Who this course is for:

People interested in learning card magic from the ground up.