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Eastgate Tinderbox v6.6.0 (Mac OSX)

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Eastgate Tinderbox v6.6.0 (Mac OSX) | 60 MB

Tinderbox stores and organizes your notes, plans, and ideas. It can help you analyze and understand them. And Tinderbox is a powerful but personal content assistant that helps you share your notes through the cloud and on the Web.

Tinderbox Six completely refreshes Tinderbox technology. Every facet of Tinderbox has been rewritten, refined, and re-imagined. From its gorgeous new maps and outlines to the crisp layout of Tinderbox text, everything is fresh and new.

Tinderbox maps your notes as you make them. Build relationships by arranging notes, organizing them with shape and color, and linking them. Tinderbox lets you record ideas quickly and keep them where you'll find them again when you need them.

Tinderbox's new timeline view creates wonderful, interactive diagrams to reconstruct events and plan projects.

Tinderbox gives you maps, timelines, charts, outlines, and more - and you can have many views open at once.

Tinderbox notes can have prototypes, saving you time and keeping your work organized. A note is just like its prototype -- except when you've said it's different. Change the prototype, and the change is inherited instantly.

Tinderbox agents scan your notes continuously, searching for notes that meet your criteria. Agents can look for tasks that are overdue, or notes you need to complete, or topics that you find especially interesting. Tinderbox can automatically update notes from the internet.

Tinderbox handles thousands of notes with ease, and Tinderbox is fast. Want to make a note? Just type! Want to edit a note? Just click. Need to search? Tinderbox starts looking for the answer as soon as you start typing, and often finds your answer before you finish.

With Tinderbox, your data is yours. Tinderbox files are XML, and Tinderbox can create HTML, XML, RSS, OPML, and more. Tinderbox shares notes with Simplenote for Web and iPhone access.

Tinderbox export is unequalled in flexibility. Everything is stored on your own computer: you aren't dependent on a distant server. Write anytime: on airplanes, in cafés, at home or away.

What's new in Tinderbox 6.6.0
Tinderbox Maps:
Tinderbox maps are faster, and let you move and reorganize things more easily.

Tinderbox uses your computer's power more cleverly, coordinating many independent helpers to manage your agents, rules, actions, and to keep everything up-to-date so you can focus on what matters most.

Import from Taskpaper, Microsoft Word and Pages. Improved spreadsheet import. New directives for RTF export let you include other notes and use your attributes to adapt export to your specific needs.

Need to enter lots of dates? Tinderbox's flexible date interpreters is great, but sometimes nothing beats a date picker!

And lots more:
There's plenty more - more than 75 things you can see, and lots more that you can't. Take a look at the release notes in Tinderbox Help for details.

Requirements: Intel, 64-bit processor OS X 10.9 or later.

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