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Dream Aquarium 1.293



A very beautiful aquarium screensaver for your desktop with thoughtful and elaborate graphics. Every detail has been worked out, from the eyes of the fish, to bubbles and algae.
Dream Aquarium displays a virtual aquarium on the monitor (in full screen mode), in which fish each live their own lives.
It is possible to remove and add an unlimited number of fish (16 species), feed them, turn on and off the backlight, pump air, set up the sound simulator of a real aquarium, change the landscape of the aquarium bottom.
The aquarium can be used as a screensaver on the desktop (it is automatically added to the list of screensavers in the screen properties) or it can be launched as a normal program.


• Realistic movement of fish.
• There is a fiddler crab who cleans the base of the aquarium and chases the fish.
• Fish have clearly articulated ribs, moving eyes, notches and mouth.
• Worked out every detail of the design - water plants, light, shadows, bubbles, fish, etc.
• Feeding pets by pressing a key.
• The ability to change the number of fish manually without leaving the aquarium.
• Automatic change of aquarium types.

Repack Info:

1. Both Portable and Installer in a Single Setup File.
2. Already Registered
3. Multilingual
4. Picks up external settings files settings.reg and settings.txt, as well as custom backgrounds from the tanks folder



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