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Digimon World 4

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Digimon World 4[PS2][PAL]

The next, fourth edition of a series of games based on the popular Digimon brand (animated series, collectible card game, action figures, toys, etc.). People who sit in front console, got their hands on the production belongs to the action-RPG genre (hack'n'slash).

The game starts here by choosing one of four Digimon (Dorumon, Agumon, Veemon or Guilmon). Together with her students, players will go to the digitized world as a member of the guardians of security services. The plot revolves around the examination of the case show (completely out of nowhere), the new server to play, and the mysterious disappearance of a particular group of players.

Creators of Digimon World 4 at the hands of players gave a much more extensive and more interesting world than it was in previous parts of the cycle. Also introduced the possibility of targeting Digimon conducted in real time - in the previous scenes all take place in rounds. Our athlete can run, jump, block the blows of the enemy (a role played by timing), derive their own attacks, etc.. Course, there was a creature of development options - when you win a certain amount of experience points, then you can digimorfować in its stronger and more variety. During the struggle also collect a variety of weapons and armor that enhance the statistics maintained Digimon. The authors also prepared a large number of side quests. They have no major impact on the main storyline, but still allow players to effectively improve selected skills.

Sites we travel through time competing models or our opponents almost immediately reminiscent of the TV series starring Digimonami. Similarly, the luminaire game sound (or noise characteristic compositions). Image is complemented by a multiplayer mode (cooperative option, the struggle may participate up to four people).

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