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Devil May Cry

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Devil May Cry [PS2][PAL]

Full dynamic, spectacular action game tells the story of the mission dark warrior named Dante (half human and half demon. It will have to face the almighty ruler of the underworld, of which two thousand years earlier has already defeated the father of our hero: the legendary Black Knight, Sparda . Evil, however, is now stronger and does not intend to let destiny be accomplished again ...

Through a mysterious beauty (Trish (Dante travels so his fate to meet the hellish castle Mallet on a desert island, where there are gates to the dimension of the damned. And the devil really cry when his countless industry led crimson avenger will feel the wrath of flaxen hair, armed with a huge sword and two pistols sowing terror (picturesquely named because of inlays: Ebony and Ivory). And with the harvested during the fight, the mysterious red spheres player (after passing a given level (can purchase additional, even more deadly, the properties of each of these weapons, as well as enrich your arsenal of brand new tools of destruction.

Way through 23 stages of the game and consistently developing character, playing a player can work out what the creator did not powstydziliby the finest fighting, even under the banner of "Tekken" or "Virtua Fighter". Dante in top form in fact able to perform miracles of skill and agility. In the hands of an efficient player can perform countless spectacular movements, jumping, or dodging, bouncing off the walls and ceilings. Did not resting even for a moment, sail somersaults and revolutions, which, combined with cutting edge flash and fire barrels duo of Ebony & Ivory, give every character encounters even ballet.

If, however, and this would be too little of the cruelty of the beast from hell, demon hunter with his unclean origin has yet another unusual skill. As for the so-called. Devil Trigger transformation or a hero in his demonic form. Surrounded by the purple glow of Dante for a moment turns into inhuman nature, and twice the speed wreak havoc at will help new, yet powerful techniques of Satanic magic.

The average playing time is not long and does not exceed 10 hours on the higher difficulty levels. But these moments were filled with pure action in unprecedented quantities, even in other games of this genre. Along with a solid dose of adrenaline, which provides pervasive atmosphere of Gothic. And a whole bunch of supplements puzzles, allowing a constant struggle to rest weary fingers.

A curious thing is the fact that the original formula was born at work on another section of the famous series "Resident Evil". The eminent producer and an expert on modern games TPP, Shinji Mikami, then quickly realized that he was dealing with a new concept, which deviates significantly from the original. This idea was to play horror conventions, but oriented primarily on acute struggle unabated in spectacular, cinematic style. Thus was born "Devil May Cry" (another great title straight from Japan and synonym action games early twenty-first century. And on the basis of success in a short time a whole saga about the history of Dante, bringing Capcomowi and Sony (through intelligent buying exclusive series) top of gold.

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