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Deep Learning for Beginners - An Easy Guide to Go Through the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

What if you could teach your computer how to learn the way the human brain does?
And what if you could do that even without having any background in programming?

If you think that this is something that may have a huge impact on your life please keep reading, because you are right… it is!

If you are reading this you probably already know something about Deep Learning. You probably know that this is maybe the number one secret behind the success of the big ones, like Google, Facebook and Amazon. Maybe you are also aware that it has been crucial in the tremendous growth of the greatest startups of the last decade, like Airbnb, Uber or Spotify, just to name some.
So, you know what we are talking about, still, you will probably have some questions too, like…
Is this for me?
Is this something I can learn?
And once I have learned it, can I also use it in everyday business or it concerns only the big ones?
Well, the answer is YES!

YES, this is for you (if you want to)!
YES, you can learn it (if you commit to)!
YES, you can use it for your own business (but it can also open you many doors in finding a great job)!

So, either if you want to apply Artificial Intelligence to your own startup, or use it to grow your current business to the next level, or just to find a great job based on your skills and passion, Deep Learning is a great point to start.

With Deep Learning for Beginners you will learn:
The most effective starting points when training deep neural nets
How to talk with deep neural networks
What libraries are and which one is the best for you
Why a decision tree is the smartest way to go
The TensorFlow parts that are going to make your coding life easy
If you don’t know anything about programming, understanding Deep Learning is the ideal place to start. Still, if you already know something about programming but not about how to apply it to Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning is what you want to understand.

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