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Death by degrees

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Death by Degrees

Every lover of games in the series "Tekken" in a flash should associate the name of Williams, and as we add the name of Nina we are already home. Gentlemen of Namco decided to create a separate game with that lady in the lead role. In "Death by Degrees," we see the younger sister, Nina - Anne and both so incredibly skilled in martial arts, they face each other in a deadly confrontation. Anna is the leader of a criminal organization called Kamieita, and thus poses a threat indisputable, and therefore should be eliminated as quickly as possible, fighting his way from cohort various enemies.

Apart from a deadly player can also use a wide range of available weapons (swords, guns, etc.). With time, the player gaining more experience so that gains access to new technologies of destruction. The game implements many familiar characters from "Tekken", this happens more than 140 different rooms to explore, you should also mention the unique opportunities to collect the fingerprints of our enemies, which you can open a few doors.

The game also uses the so-called. system of "Critical Strike" enemy of the body that allows X-ray X-ray beams to be able to ask the most deadly blow, after which the opponent certainly did not rise on its own merits.

"Death by Degrees" offers several modes of play (ie: Story Mode, Anna Mode, Sniper Mode, Puzzle Mode), while we observe the action of a third person perspective (you can attack the enemy at any angle). Seated to the game you have to prepare yourself in advance for more than twenty full hours of fun, because so much (minimum!) needed to successfully complete the game. Production was previously known - even in the testing phase - under the title: "Nina".

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