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Data and Process Resource Management: Business Niche Module

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Data and Process Resource Management: Business Niche Module
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English

The objective of any organization should be to thoroughly understand its business so it can successfully operate that business. The degree to which an organization understands its business equals the degree to which the business is successful.​

The business niche where an organization operates is dynamic and the state of the business niche is constantly changing. Thorough understanding requires understanding all the details of the dynamic business niche where the organization operates.
The business niche consists of objects, events, relationships, and rules, all of which have features. These components have mathematical structures and empirical domains, and correspondence between those that are the rules and relationships. Objects interact in space-time to create events. Events create triggers for responses to those events. The features become data in the organization's data resource and the responses become processes in the organization's processes resource. The combined data / processes resource contains the bulk of the organization's business understanding.
The business-driven concept emphasizes understanding the business niche, including all the detailed interactions that occur in the business niche, and documenting that understanding in the combined data / processes resource. That combined data / processes resource then supports successful business operation. The business-driven motto is 'Of the business, by the business, and for the business.'
Violations of the data resource and processes laws and rules adversely impact the business-driven concept. They result in a loss of understanding and consensus about the business, loss of formality for documenting the business, and increased uncertainty and disparity. The organization's chance for a successful business is compromised.
The Data / Processes Resource Management series presents concepts, principles, and techniques, formal terms with denotative definitions, and the benefits of evolving to formal management of a combined data / processes resource. The series is beneficial for technical data and processes professionals, business professionals, and their respective managers.