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Dark Command (1940)




John Wayne is Bob Seton, a drifter who punches men in the mouth so partner Doc Grunch (Gabby Hayes) can do a booming business as a dentist, pulling their teeth.But he’s tired of all the bickering in pre-Civil War Kansas and dreams of seeing the mountains of California. But traveling there will take money, so the two stop in Lawrence, Kansas, planning to set up a dentistry business for a month or so.Then Seton meets pretty banker’s daughter Mary McCloud (Claire Trevor) and his rush to leave Kansas disappears, even though she laughs off his first proposal of marriage.After all, the two just met. And she already has a proposal from school teacher Will Cantrell, an ambitious type her father predicts will be a big man in Kansas one day.When a marshal’s job comes open, Cantrell and Seton both run for the post. Seton wins. Crushed by a defeat at the hands of a man who can’t even read, Cantrell vows to blaze a trail of glory through the state, even if it’s a trail that includes slave trading, gun running and Civil War raids under the guise of the Confederacy.Seton’s badge earns him a second chance with Mary, until he’s forced to jail her younger brother Fletch (Roy Rogers) for gunning a man down during an argument. She vows to do anything Seton wants if he’ll set her brother free. He refuses, pushing her back into the arms of Cantrell in the process.

Directed by:
Raoul Walsh

John Wayne … Bob Seton
Walter Pigeon … Will Cantrell
Claire Trevor … Mary McCloud
Roy Rogers … Fletch McCloud
Gabby Hayes … Doc Grunch
Porter Hall … Angus McCloud
Marjorie Main … Mrs. Cantrell
Raymond Walburn … Judge Buckner
Joe Sawyer … Bushropp
J. Farrell MacDonald … Dave
Trevor Bardette … Mr. Hale
Helen MacKellar … Mrs. Hale




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