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Dan Lok - Perfect Closing Scripts

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The Traditional Practice Of Sales As A Business Discipline Has Become At Best Ineffective, And In Many Cases Flat Out Obsolete.​

" - Forbes Are Old School Sales Methods On Their Deathbed? Why These 8 Famous Sales Techniques Turn Off Today's Cautious Buyer.And What You Should Do NOW Instead So is Forbes actually right when they say "traditional sales" are ineffective?

10,857+ sales scenarios from our pipeline yell: HELL YES!

Old-school sales techniques are deader than a doornail..

Most of the traditional sales techniques are 3 inches away from being 6 feet under.

Have you ever seen one of those old cell phones that was the size of a brick?

Yup. That's how they were closing deals back then.

And what do cell phones look like today?

Pull your phone out of your pocket and take a look at that.

And what did sales techniques look like in 1987?

The alternative close. The assumptive close.The now or never close. The summary close.

The sharp angle close. The Columbo close. The hard close. The takeaway close.

And many, many more.

What do sales techniques look like today?

The exact same. And that's the problem.

Our phones have been updated and improved, but the techniques we use on them haven't.

Not only that, customers are a quick search and a few clicks away from finding the same product we offer for cheaper somewhere else on Google.

The days of competing on features, benefits, service, and price are over.

"Features And Benefits, Along With Implementation, And Even Customer Service Are No Longer Major Differentiators." -Forbes

It may seem like sales is going downhill, and it's harder than ever to close deals.

You're right.

But once you use this NEW sales method, you'll breeze through almost every single sales conversation.

Imagine what it would be like when you no longer have to "close" your prospects. All you have to do is take money from those that want to work with you and are a good fit.

Now you can finally put an end to these painful and embarrassing objections that are costing you sales and money:

"This sounds good, but let me think about it."

"Your prices are too HIGH."

"Let me run this by my partner before I can make a decision."

"I'll get back to you."

"I need to do some research"

This new way of selling is KILLING it for those that use it. The problem is, hardly anyone knows this powerful new method.

If Old School Sales Techniques Don't Work As Well As They Used To, What Do You Do?

Forbes put it perfectly.

"The Antithesis Of "Old School Sales" Is The Key To Success." -Forbes

Don't try to be better than your competition. Be different.

If you try to be better, your customers and clients will put you in the same category as your competitors.

That means you can only be as valuable as your competitors.

So you have to compete on price, features, benefits, and service (which we know doesn't work anymore).

But when you can be wildly different in the way you sell, there will be much less resistance from your prospect.

You don't have to change the product or service or anything about what you're selling. All that needs to be tweaked is HOW you sell it.

So How Do You Gain A Massive Competitive Advantage?

Stop making these traditional "sales-killing" mistakes NOW:

Don't take prospect objections at face value (P.S. prospects lie!)

Don't be aggressive, pushy, slimy, and unethical

Don't try to sell prospects on features and benefits

Don't give the prospect control of the sales conversation

Don't be scared to ask for BIG money

Do the opposite of these things, and you'll close more deals in less with less effort. Your prospects will chase you because:

You'll see their objections for what they really are and handle them masterfully. instead of giving into their excuses and losing the sale

You'll be different from your competition because you actually care

You'll let the prospects sell themselves on your product or service (crazy, I know!)

You'll take control of the sales conversation

You'll ask for BIG money if you think your product is what's best for them

You're smart enough to know that the secret here is to do the opposite of old-school sales advice.

1. Finding your prospect's pain.

2. Helping them come to the conclusion that you are the right person with the right solution to their problem.

If you're using out-dated sales techniques, this may feel odd the first few s you do it. There's no silver bullet solution.

Once you stop doing old-school sales and you get used to it, sales will never be the same for you again. It may even shock you how receptive your prospects will be.

All Luxury Stores Like Gucci, Prada, Hermès, Versace, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton Follow This Sales Formula

Here's what the sales process looks like when you walk into one of these luxury stores.

They do 4 things:

1. They first find out what you're looking for.

Do you have a wedding coming up and need to get a new suit?

Do you have an upcoming appointment and need to close that deal?

Are you going out on a hot date next week and need to look sharp?

Based on these answers, the person helping you can find the right solution for you.

2. They find what's wrong with what you've got right now.

They'll ask some questions about what kind of suit you have now.

Why you like it. Why you don't like it. How that suit makes you feel.

They'll probably get you to try on a few suit jackets, talk about what colors you like, and what type of look you're going for.

This is where they hammer in the pain.

3. They help paint the picture for you.

They won't tell you how you'll look. They'll use this new-school sales technique to get you to close yourself so they don't have to. (You'll hear more about this technique soon)

4. They close the deal.

Did they hard sell you?


Did they compete with other brands on price?


Did they use any of the 101 ways to close a sale?


If the desire or pain is strong enough, no price point is too high.

Now, some people may not know how much pain they're in, or realize how much they need to buy from you.

That's why I'm going to show you 3 NEW-SCHOOL secrets to close more deals in a fraction of the with way less resistance.