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Daily Doodling : No Skill Required!


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My name is Zain and I am a fiber artist who loves to doodle whenever my hands are free.​

I am here to talk about doodling and how we can doodle in our daily lives.
Doodling is a good way to be productive if we are lost in ideas because it helps us to remember past ideas and info that are in our brains.
It is relaxing and at the same time it will improve our focus too! Besides, it can also help improve our artistic skills (in which a lot of us thought we are lacking) and also help us to find our passion.
Don't worry if you can't even draw a straight line or a stick figure as doodling is not only for artist but rather for everyone!
Don't have to worry if you don't have that 'special' pen cuz all you need in this class is whatever pen or pencil you can get hold of and some papers.
I will guide you along from a straight line to some fanciful ones and from basic shapes to some characters. You will also learn what to draw and when to draw etc
Once you have gone through those baby steps, you are good to go. Practice and always practice.
Doodling don't have to be perfect, just be good enough and most importantly...have fun!
At the end of the class, I have 3 exercises where you can doodle along with me or you can doodle your own creation.
So, grab a pen or a pencil and some papers...and lets doodle together!