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Cuffing and Loving A Valentine - C M Kars



Cuffing and Loving A Valentine - C M Kars
epub | 1.18 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B09Q2BKZWK | Author: C.M. Kars | Year: 2022


When a bartender decides to finally grow up and get her life together, the last thing she needs is a quiet (and handsome) bouncer with an adorable puppy to derail her plans. Things are about to get cuffed.

Izzy Prewitt has always been the Prewitt wild child. She doesn't have a career yet, despite being in her mid-twenties, and she's been tending bar ever since she was of legal age. When she finally decides that she's going to become that better version of herself that her family can be proud of, the last thing she needs is to get embroiled in helping a coworker and his puppy.

Izzy can tell that Callum's vibe is all about putting his head down and working hard, but Luna the puppy has other plans. Before Izzy knows it, she's invested in the pup's health and welfare, even if Callum seems to think of her as the consummate party girl that always gets her way.

When Izzy spends Valentine's with Callum, she's wondering if something serious with him is up her alley, if Callum sees a future where they're both together. Except Izzy's always been the Prewitt Party Girl, and a serious relationship is something she's never really experienced.

Can Callum be her first?

Cuffing season (n.): the period between October and Valentine's Day where single people tend to look for short-term relationships for the holidays.

Category:Holiday Romance, Holiday Romance, Contemporary Romance Fiction

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