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Chess Assistant 20 v12.00.0



Languages: Multilingual | Incl. Hugebase | File Size: 1.31 GB
Chess Assistant 20 is a unique tool for managing chess games and databases, playing chess through the Internet, analyzing games, or playing chess against the computer. Chess Assistant 20 includes grandmaster level playing programs, Chess Opening Encyclopedia mode, a powerful search system, the unique Tree mode, databases of about 7 324 000 games in total.

In addition to the grandmaster level engine Rybka 4 coming with the package, Stockfish, the confirmed leader among chess playing programs, will be automatically downloaded and plugged in upon installation. Stockfish and Rybka can perform any type of analysis: multi-pass game analysis, Interactive analysis, Background analysis. You can easily connect Chess Assistant 20 to any other UCI playing programs like Komodo.

The programs can perform various analysis tasks for any needs:

Automatic opening annotation
Searches for novelty, adds expert annotations from the Opening Encyclopedia, CAP evaluations, inserts reference games etc.

Search for blunders
Reveals bad moves.

Multi-pass game analysis
An advanced analysis method to fine-tune each step of the search. You can even choose different engines for each phase of the game.

Analysis markers
Mark selected positions for automatic analysis at a later time.

Interactive analysis
Guide the engine in its analysis and pick lines, remembering the results.

Chess Opening Encyclopedia
Includes rich theoretical material on all openings, more than 8000 annotations by GM Kalinin and 40 million evaluations by strongest engines key positions. Customizable key system.

When it comes to searching
You will not find a more powerful system. Chess Assistant 20 offers search by position, header, maneuvers, material, comments, novelty search, advanced search by material in 12 regions of the board and more!
Release NotesWhat's new in Chess Assistant 20:
- 1-year Chess King LEARN subscription, giving access to 60+ courses available both on the website and in mobile apps! The courses are available in 9 European languages, sorted by category and difficulty level, and include such gems as Chess Tactics for Beginners 2.0, Chess: From Beginner to Club Player, Chess Strategy, Chess Middlegame series, several courses from CT-ART and Chess Tactics in the Opening series and more.
- Updated databases now contain 7 324 000 games in total!
- Premium Game Service 2020 - auto database updates for 2020
- 1-year access to Lomonosov Tablebases! The subscription will be active for 1 year starting the date of activation at the tablebases service.
System Requirements:
- RAM: 4 Gb
- OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
- Languages supported: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.