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CGMA - Introduction to Maya




CGMA - Introduction to Maya
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One of the strongest and most complete courses, training beginner 3D artists to work in Autodesk Maya 2020.
In this course, you will pass the whole path from studying the interface and philosophy of the program before creating animation, FX (effects), MOUCHN graphics with MASH module and sound work. The lectures discusses various ways to use the tools available in Maya when creating visual effects, animated films or games.

Week 1 | MAYA interface
Management scenes and projects | Editors, Viaports and Menu | Navigation and Tulboxes (Panels with Tools) | Pupils are taken to install / configure individual / specific shelf buttons, hotkeys, marking menus and try to create a basic model.
Week 2 | Methods and simulation approaches
Creating 3D Mesh (Mesh) and editing tools | Retopology tools | Students try to create a simple robot
Week 3 | Best Methods / Practices Modeling
Overview of surface types (NURBS, polygonal, sabdow (subd)) | Cube-based modeling | Students will finish the development of a robot
Week 4 | Preparation for work with materials
Creating a texture UV scanning | Materials, Textures and Hypershade Editor (Hyperishd) | Students will make a UV scan of a robot, preparing the model to the designation of materials on its surface
Week 5 | Materials
2D and 3D texture | BAMPA cards, displays, normals | Shaders Maya and Arnold | 3D drawing | Paint effects | Shader schematics | Pupils will prescribe shaders (materials, textures) to their robots
Week 6 | Lighting and visualization (Render)
Lighting | Cameras | Shooting went! (Joke - Animation will be in the 8th chapter) | Render in Maya | Render in Arnold | Students will try to put lighting and visualize the scene
Week 7 | Rigging
Sustaines | Direct and reverse kinematics (IK / FK) | Binding to the bones | Blendiers | Deformers | Pupils implement the management system (RIG) for their characters
Week 8 | Animation
Animation editors | New editor of temporary parameters | Motion Capture Technology (Motion Capture) | Contact Kinematics (IK) Creative to Human Skeleton | Students will try to animate their characters
Week 9 | FX (effects)
Paint effects | Bullet (Bullet) Physics | Nucleus (Nuclias) Physics | Pupils, with the help of the NCloth module, add your own cloak / cape characters, which will not only complement the model, but also move when animating
Week 10 | MOUCHN Graphics
Mash Module | Sound | Students experiment with the latest MAY tools


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