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Certified Western Dance Theory Culture & Practical Learning


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Dance class online Western Dance aerobics and dance improvisation
What you'll learn
Theory lessons in dance
Practical skills
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The language of music and dance through it, transcends all borders, countries, differences in cultures, all around the world.​

The beats of different music spanning across the length and width of each country, it's dialects, individual traditions and the heritage passes down by the ancestors of each place, to their descendants, as a legacy to the future generations brings together all dance and music lovers.
There is no barrier in music and languages blend into a symphony of rhythms and enjoyment.
Happiness abounds as one flits across nature's pathways in the midst of all her flowery glory, dancing away in abandon in God's lap.
A burst of rains showers down blessings and the elements of nature, fire, water, wind and earth are glorified.
Each country has it's God, it's deity, it's beliefs and faiths.
Different and unique in its musical compositions and lyrical content, the music of each country has it's own appeal but is similar in the one desire of the performers or dance artistes and singers, to live life, as God wanted us to, with music being the common factor and dance the bridge across continents.
Where the heart and mind speaks through the notes of musical instrumental and rich vocal outputs of every land, in God's world, all are His Children, equal in every way.
The joy from this discovery is depicted here in every single song and it's choreography.
The sheer peace that one can find with it is a therapy of its own, nature's own way of giving to us healthy alternative to another state of mind; one that is close to its Creator, the Almighty and the Supreme, acknowledging his Mastery and benevolence upon his fascinating creation, Mankind.
Love, sorrow, happiness, fear, suprise, peace, disgust and all other emotions that humans experience are there in each song, each step, right till the end.
It is everlasting heavenly and not bound.
It is a formless affection, invisible care, the Hand of God, the sacrifice of a mother, the unconditional support of a father, the evergiving friendship of a lifepartner, the unique comfort of a sibling's sharing their for you and the enduring love of a child.
Music has all of this and dance expressing this will release you from tensions and stress of daily living, giving you an expental creative room of your own in God's land for his children.
Who this course is for
Bners to advanced