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CAMWorks 2020 SP0 for Solid Edge

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CAMWorks 2020 SP0 for Solid Edge

CAMWorks 2020 SP0 for Solid Edge | 1.3 Gb
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GeometricPLM is pleased to announce the availability of CAMWorks 2020 SP0 for Solid Edge is the premier fully integrated CAM system with all the modern features and functiona lity needed to boost machining efficiencies and maximizing shop productivity.

New - Support for Probe Tools and Probing Operations
To provide the functionality of Probing Operations using Probe Tools for Milling
New - Support for Tabs Cutting in Contour Mill Operations
To provides a functionality whereby users can define tabs on the feature profile of a through mill feature machined using a single Contour Mill application.
Improved - Advanced Edit Toolpath Dialog Box
To simplify the process of inserting new toolpath records using Advanced Edit Toolpathdialog box
New - Tapered Multi-Point Thread Mill tools now supported
To support machining of Thread Mill Toolpaths using Tapered Multi-point Thread Mill Tools.
New - Option to output G-code for Mill Operations in Subroutine format
To provide an option whereby the posted G-code for all or specific Mill operations selected by the user can beoutput in subroutine format
Improved - Display of Automatically Defined Contain Areas for 3 Axis Mill Operations
To enable display of Automatically Defined Contain Areas for 3 Axis Mill operations in the graphics area
New - Support for Non-Center Cutting Tools in Mill
Allows users to define a selected Milling tool as a either a center cutting or non-center cutting tool
New - Curve Features for Chamfering
To provide option to recognizeCurve Features for Chamfering
New -Display of Clearance Planes for Multiaxis operations in Graphics area
To provide a visual feedback of the clearance plane generated for Multiaxis (5 Axis) operations (includes Multiaxis Mill, Multiaxis Drill and Swarf Milling operations) by displaying the clearance plane in the graphics area
New - Associating Spindle Direction with the Hand of Cut of the Tool
To provide a mechanism wherein the Spindle Direction (Clockwise or Counterclockwise) is automatically assigned to a Turn operation based on certain tool parameters and thereby eliminates the possibility of incorrect assignment of spindle direction by the user
Technology Database
New - Options to Save and Restore customized Tabular Grid Display in TechDB UI
To provide options to edit the tabular layouts within the TechDB and save the customized layouts so that users can consume the displayed data as per their desired custom settings
Additive Manufacturing
New - 3D Printing of Assemblies using Additive Manufacturing Module of CAMWorks
To extend the functionality of 3D printing using the CAMWorks Additive Manufacturingmodule to Assemblies
Improved - Additional Comments for Tools
Enables all types of Mill tools, Turn Inserts, Tool Holders and Boring Bars to optionally have additional tool information (such as Tool ID,Vendor, Description) that can be output to the post processed G-Code and in Setup Sheets.
CAMWorks was first published as an add-in application for numerically controlled (NC) tool programming in SolidWorks in 1997. In June 2013, Geometric Software released a version of CAMWorks integrated with Solid Edge, the value priced CAD system from Siemens PLM Software. Although seven computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software products have achieved so-called Gold Partner integration with SolidWorks, CAMWorks is the first such software to be seamlessly embedded within Solid Edge.
CAMWorks for Solid Edge allows programmers to open a part file in native format and begin making a numerically controlled tool program immediately. There is no need to export software to another format and import it into an NC programming tool. When complete, tool paths and other CAM information are stored in the Solid Edge model.
Changes made to Solid Edge parts are immediately reflected in NC programs produced by CAMWorks. CAM systems that are not integrated with CAD require revised parts to be re-exported, and in most cases updates to geometry must be made interactively.
CAMWorks 2020 delivers many enhancements and improvements, most created in direct response to customer requests. This release supports Probing Cycles and focuses onhelping you program parts in a faster and easier way. It also introduces an Additive Manufacturing module that can used togenerate Build Tickets (3D data) required to print 3D print part models.
CAMWorks 2020- Probing How To Use

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On April 1st 2016, Geometric got into an agreement with HCL Technologies to transfer of its business to HCL Tech by way of demerger, except for its 58% share in the joint venture with Dassault Syst�mes (3DS) (3DPLM Software Solutions Limited (3DPLM)). The transition has become effective on March 2nd 2017, after seeking all statutory approvals.
Product: CAMWorks
Version: 2020 SP0 (build 2020/0115)
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Software Prerequisites: *
Size: 1.3 Gb

Before installing CAMWorks 2020, ensure that the following system requirements are fulfilled:
Supported Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
The 64-bit version of:
- 64-bit version of Windows 10
- 64-bit version of Windows 8.1
- 64-bit version of Windows 7 (SP1 or higher)
** Home editions of the above Operating Systems are not supported.
Solid Modeler:
The 64-bit version of:
- Solid Edge 2019 MP00 or higher
- Solid Edge 2020 MP00 or higher
Hardware Requirements
RAM: 8 GB or more recommended
Video Card: Certified cards and drivers
Processor: Intel or AMD processors with SSE2 support. 64-bit operating system required.
USB port: User may choose to have CAMWorks license on a USB dongle (key). CAMWorks Hardware dongle (key)plugs into the USB port.
Network: Microsoft's Windows Networking and Active Directory network environments.
Install Media: Broadband Internet Connection